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This profile describes the label Music Factory. For the recording studio in Rotherham, see Music Factory Recording Studios

UK promotional remix service started in 1985. To this day provides monthly Mastermix albums with exclusive mixes to qualified dj's, as well as a number of spinoff services over the years (some remixed, some not). Also responsible for the popular Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers releases that were made commercially available.

NOTE: Although some releases listed here were made available commercially, nearly all NUMBERED issues (Mastermix, Euromix, Classic Cuts, Pro DJ, Pro Disc, Pro Dance, Number Ones, MM Professional, Flashback, Remixed, Mashed-Up, Triple Trackers, etc) as well as all GRANDMASTER issues are PROMO ONLY.

Parent Label:Music Factory Recording Studios
Sublabels:Classic Cuts (6), Classic Cuts Remastered, Grandmaster, Mashed Up!, Mastermix DJ Beats, Mastermix Pro Dance, Mastermix Pro Disc, Music Factory Dance, Music Factory Mastermix Issue, Music Factory Music Ltd., ...
Contact Info:

[email protected]

Music Factory Mastermix
Hawthorne House
Fitzwilliam Street,
Parkgate, Rotherham,
South Yorks, S62 6EP, UK

Phone :+44 870 777 2650
Fax: +44 (0)1709 523141 , Discogs


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  • neilkelly's avatar
    Many CD's seem to be missing i have CD's catalogue number 298, 300 and 306 AA Sides EP tracks
    Volume 1 1957-1977
    Volume 2 1977-1992
    Volume 3 1993-1999