Ultimate Breaks & Beats


Ultimate Breaks and Beats (also commonly abbreviated as UBB) was a series of compilation albums released from the early eighties by Beat Street Records (some early volumes using the SBR *** catalogue numbers) and later Street Beat Records (from SBR 501 onwards) edited by Louis Flores aka "BreakBeat Lou" and created by Leonard "BreakBeat Lenny" Roberts. Featured on the albums were tracks from 1966 to 1984 that included drum breaks.

Some volumes feature the distinctive cover artwork of Kev Harris

The albums found high popularity with hip hop producers, with the release of a new volume in the series usually leading to many various hip hop records featuring samples of the breaks.

Re-releases of the LPs, some packaged in pairs for DJ scratching and mixing convenience, became available and are currently found in many record stores. CDs of some of the volumes may be found as well, including a 2-CD and DVD box set featuring nearly all the tracks on the 25 albums.

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    I have googled why all these are bootlegs and can’t seem to find out why!?
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      Might be useful for everyone to know the difference between OG Unofficial and Reissue Unofficial. Aren't they all Official. Also we must distinct the difference between Coloured label vs White Label, which one is OG and which one is Reissue. Also White innersleeve vs coloured innersleeve.

      From my understanding. Coloured label with white innersleeve is the OG version and white label with white innersleeve is late 90s reissue and white label with coloured innersleeve is 2k+ reissue.

      Please everyone add/write the matrix code properly in full this will help to distinct.