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Italian label created in 2015 by Claudio Casalini for the rediscovery of the best of Disco 70s & Italo 80s, highlighting the most representative Italian producers: Pino Presti, Celso Valli, Claudio Simonetti, Rodolfo Grieco, Luigi Piergiovanni, Al Festa, Pierluigi Giombini, Roberto Ferrante, Stefano Pulga, Stefano Galante, Toto Torquati aka The European Disco Music Scene's Pioneers all worthy of having brought the Made in Italy into the limelight worldwide.

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  • phasers2stunna's avatar
    Be aware that this label has been caught using Youtube rips of tracks without even the remixer's permission to do so (see Joe Car release) .
    • 45rpmSEBASTOS's avatar
      I ask you for reissues, copies of the original
      Mark Adams-I Know Your Mind
      Mac Jr.-Elephant Song
      Helen-I Love You
      Dave Force-Play Your Game
      Thank you very much.
      • ckkdragon's avatar
        Edited 3 years ago
        It would be amazing to finally listen to the 12" of Moonlight Love Serenade" - Patrick Palma - plus a proper Re-mix of this great Italo Disco floor killer! Fingers crossed, I think they are the only ones who can repress this GEM.
        • littlesnooping's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          Not all the people in the planet have the opportunity to buy original 12" at "stellar prices", for many djs, collectors and fans absolutely inaccesibles. Best Record Italy realizes vinyl reissues since 2015 giving to the less whealty the opportunity to buy coveted titles at a much more accesible price in a range on Discogs that varies from 14-15 to 20-22 € or $.
          The choise of the best titles to reprint, the quality of the molding factory (MPO France, # 1 in Europe), as well the quality of the audio, the graphic, the artwork on the lacquered picture sleeves, as the need the have always sealed products, make sure that Best Record Italy ranks first among the reissue labels in the world (limiting its effort to "soul, funk, boogie, disco and Italo-disco" genre). Special thank from a fun !!! Tony.
          • ITALOKAISER's avatar
            Fantastic reissue label with good taste in Italo music.

            • SHODAN_2114's avatar
              vinyl done right, digital done right, lossless option, and always faithful to the originals. Best Record Italy have some digital releases for sale on junodownload which aren't listed here, including the mighty Adolf Stern - More... I Like It and The Zombies, both of which include unreleased/extended versions. best italo reissue label going at the moment!