Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

Limited Edition Colored Vinyl image

March 2015 reissues on colour vinyl. 5000 copies each.
Each vinyl is coloured to the hue that personifies that album character.

The album characters are printed on front stickers and are as follows:

debut: shy beginner, humility, virgin, beige, silver, mohair, the messenger
post: greedy, euphoric, absorb, promiscuity, urban, orange, pink
homogenic:icelandic/cosmopolitan, contrast, patriotic, warrior, confrontational, green, volcanic beats, icelandic octet, active
vespertine: frozen winter, world, celestial, whispered vocals, passive, loyal swans, paradise, laptops, harps, glockenspiels, music boxes, micro beats, orchestra, choir, disney, salvation
medúlla: primordial, motherhood, humour, family around, campfire, breastfeeding, black braided hair, bones, caves, marrow, goth, pagan, archeology, pre-civilisation, folk, family, passive
volta: wanderlust, activist, shaman, feminist, justice, confrontational, reactable, brass, tribal beats, red, neon green, electric, blue, flags, trumpets, fire, anthropology, tribes, boats, bombastic
biophilia : equilibrium, synchronising opposites, pacifist, solutions, pedagogic, uniting, choir, copper, electric blue, galaxies, atom, no human scale, element table, cosmic, nature/technology, not narrative


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