Swedish label founded in 1969.
For company credits such as (P), (C), licensed by, published by etc please credit the appropriate company, such as MNW Music AB, MNW Records Group AB, MNW Records AB and Musiknätet Waxholm AB.
MNW originally meant Music Network which became Musiknätet Waxholm in 1971. MNW Records Group was founded in 1993, and later the original name Music Network was used again.

The foundations of the company were laid in 1967 by Lorne De Wolfe, Bo Anders Larsson, Lynn De Wolfe and Sverre Sundman.
They built a studio in Sverre's parents' home in Vaxholm. Sverre's father, Per-Olof Sundman, was an author and member of the Swedish Academy.
In 1968, the studio moved to Lotsgatan 15B in Vaxholm. The company was first registered as as Music Network Corps Ltd.
Over time, more Vaxholms residents were involved in MNW, including Jan-Olof Schill, and the designer Lennart Klein who also became part-owner.
In 1969 the studio and office moved to Rådhusgatan / Repslagargränd 1 in Vaxholm.
The first band to record a full-length album at MNW was prog group Gunder Hägg in 1969.
Hoola Bandoola Band recorded their album there in 1971 and the studio became popular.
The records were pressed at Grammoplast, then located at Rörstrandsgatan, Stockholm.

In 1971, the company was financially rescued by Tore Berger from Gunder Hägg bought a share. The company changed name from Music Network Corps Ltd (MNW) to Musiknätet Waxholm (MNW) and the music releases got a more political profile.

Bo Anders Larsson worked as a producer and sound engineer at MNW until 1973 when he left the company.

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MNW Music AB
c/o Universal Music AB
Banergatan 16
P.O. Box 55777
SE-114 83 Stockholm

Tel: +46 8 6295300

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