Electronic label based in Romania founded by Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu & Raresh.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
[a:rpia:r] 01 Dry Tool / Going Like You / De Bou  album cover Various Dry Tool / Going Like You / De Bou(12") [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 01 Romania 2007 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 02 Taram EP  album cover Various Taram EP (EP) [a:rpia:r] 02 Romania 2007 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 03 Anima Tru EP  album cover Boola (2) & Demos (2) Boola (2) & Demos (2) - Anima Tru EP(12", EP) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 03 Romania 2008 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 04 Fiare / Sub Salcie  album cover Petre Inspirescu Fiare / Sub Salcie(12") [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 04 Romania 2008 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 05 Jurnal De Bord EP  album cover Various Jurnal De Bord EP(LP, EP) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 05 Romania 2009 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 06 Ephemeris EP  album cover Cinderfella LTD Ephemeris EP(12", EP) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 06 Romania 2009 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 07 Intr-o Seara Organica...  album cover Petre Inspirescu Intr-o Seara Organica...(3x12", Album, Ltd) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 07 Romania 2009 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 08 Delta Trippin'  album cover DJ Sneak Delta Trippin'(12", Ltd) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 08 Romania 2010 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 09 Prima In Cerc Are EP  album cover Dan Andrei Prima In Cerc Are EP(12", EP) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 09 Romania 2011 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 10 Bobohalma EP  album cover Priku Bobohalma EP(12", EP) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 10 Romania 2012 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 11 Coded Spirituals Vol. 1  album cover Melchior Productions Ltd.* Coded Spirituals Vol. 1(12", Ltd, 180) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 11 Romania 2012 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 12 Grădina Onirică  album cover Petre Inspirescu Grădina Onirică(3xLP, Album, Ltd) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 12 Romania 2012 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 13 Vivaltu Remixes LP  album cover Raresh Vivaltu Remixes LP(2x12", Ltd, 180) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 13 Romania 2014 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 14 Parcul Cosmos LP  album cover Dan Andrei Parcul Cosmos LP(2x12", Album, 180) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 14 Romania 2015 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 15 Empirical House LP  album cover Ricardo Villalobos Empirical House LP(2x12", Album, 180) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 15 Romania 2017 Sell This Version
[a:rpia:r] 16 Anume EP  album cover Dubtil Anume EP(12", EP) [a:rpia:r] [a:rpia:r] 16 Romania 2021 Sell This Version

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March 13, 2022
I also agree with the ''overrated and overpriced'' opinions already stated here from other people. It happens a lot in this type of electronic music. People really overrate and feed the sharks for music that doesn't really stand out. Music that sounds like it's being made from the same artist. Don't get me wrong, I like this shit. But in no way would I pay more than deserved. There are gems everywhere but certainly not here.


June 19, 2021
¡Oro puro baby! clase y más clase en cada pista


November 23, 2019
No good bitchin about prices it’s the way it is on Discogs. Everything on this label is pure gold.


December 10, 2018
Agree with stuarte here, very overrated and priced up stuff in discogs.


December 25, 2015
Most overrated and priced up shit in the history of discogs...


November 25, 2015
I don't get their no repress Policy : they should repress with no picture cover, music should be accessible to everyone, not regarding your wallet but your musical taste. Vinyl hype and stock market prices is ruining it all.


August 29, 2014
Some of the most average music selling for some of the most ridiculous prices. I feel sorry for people who would be willing to pay any more than retail value for any of the releases in the Arpiar catalogue.


June 24, 2014
2007 - 2012
Twelve releases ...
Well, i must say i like the records and the crew !
Inspired by the deephouse sound, these romanian dudes know what they're talking about.
But the label is not restricted to only house. The sound is eclectic, varies from house to techno, always keeping a minimal vibe.
My favorite release is [a:rpia:r] 04

I guess it must be over now ... maybe their will be a few other releases.
But the quality of the arpiar sound is so high that it will remain excellent records forever !