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Hard funk, soul, and afrobeat by current artists. Made-up of musicians and producers from the now defunct 1990s funk revival pioneer label Desco Records. Label is run by Gabriel Roth (with his alter-ego "Bosco Mann" doing most of the studio mix work!) & Neal Sugarman. It is home to artists such as Sharon Jones, The Dap-Kings, Lee Fields, Sugarman 3, Antibalas, The Mighty Imperials, and others.

The majority of Daptone's seven inch singles have a generic blue record label. However, all singles are pressed in limited quantities of 1000 - 2000 copies and some in-demand titles have received a second press run with a red colored label after the initial first pressing had sold out.

Mikey Post, in charge of Direct Sales & Distribution at Daptone, talks about their releases being continuously "in-print", as of February 2019:
"We started barcoding our records in 2009, so anything released prior to that did not include a barcode, initially (ie. Budos I + II). However, I'm still pulling stampers from the original 'Mother' plates, so the dead-wax is no different from the first press to the stock in print today...There are very slight differences in the color of the labels throughout the years (as I print all of our labels on an offset machine with stock paper."

Parent Label:Daptone Recording Co.
Sublabels:D-Bo, Daptone Authorized Dealers, Dunham, Ever-Soul, Misty, Penrose, Wick Records
Contact Info:

115 Troutman
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 366-3849
Email: [email protected] , Wikipedia , Facebook , YouTube , Bandcamp


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