Artcore Editions

Artcore Editions

After Graf Haufen Tapes was laid to rest, Graf Haufen focused on other things, among them using his whole 2 room apartment in Berlin-Neukölln as an underground gallery for artists to have exhibitions, performances, installations and such. The flat stayed in the condition it was rented first (with really terrible wall paper in most rooms).
This project, the Artcore Gallery officially began on 5th of April 1985 and focused on mail art, neoism, copy art, and later installations, that were related to the idea of putting art into a regular living room environment. Most exhibitions were supplemented with a limited edition catalogue, multiple or other media that fitted the expo.

Artcore Attack 1 (13. April 1985): Ritualistic shaving performance by Graf Haufen, opening of a permanent installation (thousands upon thousands of small change coins were put on the floor of the bedroom and stayed there for about a year.
Artcore Attack 2 (01. October 1985): Exhibition of minimal portrait paintings of John Hudak. The opening night featured also a sound installation of music of the artist. This was accompanied by a limited edition A4 sized photocopied booklet of the artworks. 50 numbered copies were produced).
Artcore Attack 3 (13. October 1985): Performance and audio installation of the polish artist Andrzej Dudek-Dürer. In a ritualistic performance he played his music and showed his metaphysical-telepathic activity.
Artcore Attack 4 (31. October 1985): The travelling Mail Art exhibition "Everywoman Is A Gentleman" (compiled by Hildegard Weiss) with more than 500 original work by 308 artists from allover the world, was shown.
Artcore Attack 5 (06. December 1985): Exhibition of works of Klaus Groh (Boxes, rubberstamps, collage works, Mail-Art, certificates) and Graf Haufen (works with worthless paper, currency, postage stamps). A book was planned, but never published.
Artcore Attack 6 (03. January 1986): Exhibition of colour xeroxes, manifests, visual poetry and photographic work of GX Jupitter-Larsen.
The same night, Guido Hübner from Das Synthetische Mischgewebe did a noise performance/installation of several tape recorders playing infernal noise inside a barrel, placed inside the gallery. Graf Haufen played a destroyed/modified record on a modified recordplayer (destroyed music).
Artcore Attack 7 (19./20. January 1986) Performance of Andrej Skrbinek in various subway trains. He put photocopies of his painting in the advertisement frames and spread around 100 artworks that way. Photographic documentation was taken and displayed in the gallery book.
Artcore Attack 8 (02. February 1986): Mail Art Exhibition "Adventures In The Skin Trade" (collection Manfred Stirnemann) with erotic art, body art, pornographic art. No own edition was published for this exhibition, but the original works of Manfred Stirnemann, called "Copy-Left" were available during the expo.
Artcore Attack 9 (9. March 1986): Installation exhibition "Künstler Gestalten Räume" (artists design rooms) with works of Graf Haufen, Ona Nuk and Roland Szefferski. Three environments for the restroom, the corridor and the bedroom. FâLX çèrêbRi composed a 12 minute drone to accompany his rubberstamped rest room.
Artcore Attack 10 (31. May 1986): Group exhibtion "Lettrismus" (working with letters and alphabeth in art, visual poetry in a way) with works by Vittore Baroni, Guillermo Deisler, Cesar Espinosa, Graf Haufen, Scott Helmes, Judy Kleinberg, S. Gustav Hagglund, Harry Polkinhorn and Kum Nam Baik.
There was a stamp art workshop on 25. July 1986 held in East Berlin with lots of east german mail artists and a few from the west.
Artcore Attack 11 (02.-10. August 1986): Mail art Kongress '86 (Mail Art Congress '86): "The Jungle Of Art Coloured xerox" - international copy-art expo curated by Ulli Kattenstroth featuring international artists, Mail Art workshop, "Basic Woman Painting" installation by Marc Mer, "Red/Blue/Black Changing" Performance by "Double-Mar" (Marc Mer, Mart Krist), films of Mart Krist.
During the workshop every participant worked on 100 more or less identical (conceptwise at least) pages that were later compiled into 100 softbound books, that consisted only of original material from the participants.
Artcore Attack 12 (06. Sept. 1986): Group exhibition "Photo" with works by Gerd Börner, Andrzej Dudek-Dürer, Roland Owsnitzki, Joseph W. Huber, Manfred Martin, Viktor Pavel, Giancarlo Toniutti.
Artcore Attack 13 (01. November 1986): Neoism Now - international mail art expo about neoism and from neoists.
Artcore Attack 14 (01.-07. December 1986): Neoist Apt. Festival 64. International guests came to perform live on public access tv, presentations and lectures at the university, readings, irritainment performances, video- and audio-installations in various cinemas, music/video performance from Istvan Kantor, performance by Chazev and lots more.
Arcore Attack 15 (11. April 1987): Group exposition "Paranormale Kunstkerne" in co-operation with Gallery Paranorm. Works of Dagmar P., Vraeneck, Nänzi, Graf Haufen. Presentation of the first edition of BLOOD AND GOLD, a mail art publication project with 30 original works by international artists in a box, edition of 50 copies. Also a reading of writer Enno P. Gramberg and music by Traute.
Artcore Attack 16 (25. April 1987) Two group exhibtions in Artcore Gallery and Gallery Paranorm with the same artists: H.C. Wilp (aka Chazev), Mona Fux, Roland Szefferski, Andrej Skrbinek and Guy Stuckens.
Artcore Attack 17 (03. May 1987) Installation 7 - Tryptic - Installation, performance and audio assault by Chazev and B. Be.
Artcore Attack 18 (07. May 1987): Käthe Be - Nieten, Nieten, immer wieder Nieten, nur noch Nieten. Clear plastic postcards, filled with coloured liquids, but faulty. - In conjunction with another exhibition at Gallery Paranorm.
Artcore Attack 19 (23. May 1987): E.F. Higgins III - Stamp Art From New York (simultanious at Gallery Paranorm and Artcore Gallery).
Artcore Attack 20 (June 1987): Monty Cantsin - The Possible Exhibition. The gallery was closed and instead only a paper on the door informed the guests "The possibility to do an exhibition is worth the same to really do an exhibtion". The same concept was also used in Gallery Paranorm at that time.
Artcore Attack 21 (12. June 1987): Gabriele Gutzmann - Jeu De Cartes. Solo exhibition.

After this the Artcore Gallery project was stopped to concentrate on the exhibition work in Galerie Paranorm, a bigger space for installation, art exhibition, dance performance, concerts, poetry readings and more.

ACE-01: Fâlx Çèrêbri feat. Graf Haufen - Antimuzick 7", 200 numbered and signed copies.
ACE-02: Graf Haufen - Found Art, book, 52 pages A5, 50 numbered and signed copies. Came with one page of unique original art content.
ACE-03: John Hudak - Minimal Portraits, A4 book, 28 pages, 50 numbered copies.
ACE-04: Andrzej Dudek-Dürer - Performance 13. Oct. 1985, deluxe box with small booklet, C-42 cassette, numbered, signed, edition of 25 copies.
ACE-05: Informative Art Archive - Documentation of an international Mail Art project about organic, ever changing art, booklet, 52 pages, with original artwork inside, 100 numbered copies.
ACE-06: Graf Haufen - Postman As Artist - Conceptual Postcard, postcard on glossy paper, 100 numbered and signed copies.
ACE-07: Planned object box with works of Graf Haufen and Klaus Groh as a document of the split exhibition. Never realized.
ACE-08: G.X. Jupitter-Larsen - Catalogue of his Exposition, two booklets A5, each 20 pages, hold together by an numbered obi. One booklet of "Poetry", one booklet of "Pictures".
ACE-09: KÜNSTLER GESTALTEN RÄUME - softcover book, A5, 60 pages, numbered and signed edition of 200 copies.
ACE-10: SMILE Vol. 64 - LETTRISM, magazine, 52 pages, 200 copies.
ACE-11: SMILE Vol. 63 - PHOTOGRAPHY, magazine, 52 pages, 200 copies.
ACE-12: MAIL-ART WORKSHOP, softcover book, 30 original artwork pages, numbered edition of 100 copies.
ACE-13: BLOOD AND GOLD #1 - Theme "Blood and Gold". BLOOD AND GOLD was a mail art publication project with approx. 30 original works by international artists in a box, produced in an edition of 50 copies. Each participant send in their handmade artwork in an edition of 50 copies and received a box of the completed item in return. The remaining copies helped cover the shipping costs.
ACE-14: NEOISMS NOW BOX - assembly style boxset with only original artworks, no reproductions. Edition of 100 copies.
ACE-15: WHITE COLOURS - NEOISM NOW, audio cassette collage with different tracks from international artists, all using a selection of rhythm tracks made by Graf Haufen and Hapunkt Fix, limited edition of 100 copies.
ACE-16: MONTY CANTSIN - The Possible Catalogue, softcover book, was printed in an edition of 20 signed and numbered copies. It consisted of 400 postcard sized pages with the sentence: "The possibility to print something important on this page is equivalent to REALLY printing something important on this page."
ACE-17: BLOOD AND GOLD - Theme "Passion".
ACE-18: BLOOD AND GOLD - Theme "Propaganda" (this came with a "musical object" of Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (a stone with an attached loudspeaker) and a c-10 cassette, called "Propaganda" by Graf Haufen.
ACE-19: Monty Cantsin - NEOISM NOW - The First Neoist Anthology and Sourcebook (compiled by Monty Cantsin, in this case Graf Haufen), softcover book, approx. 200 pages, unlimited, but only 100 copies have been produced. The book was photocopied, printed jacket, original inserts, stickers, rubberstamp prints and more.
ACE-20: BLOOD AND GOLD - Theme "Zero/Not". Credited in the edition itself ACE-19, which is wrong.
ACE-21: Franz John - The Copy Box. A wooden box with documentation and original photography of his 4 week long performance/installation, where he photocopied the whole gallery Paranorm with a hand-copy machine. The box contains original copy stripes, glue and other original materials used.
ACE-22: Chazev Wilp - Running The Chaologic Kinetic Backspace. C20 tape of a performance at Gallery Paranorm. Produced in real time directly after his performance. Limited edition of 10 copies only.
ACE-23: Graf Haufen - Smelling Painting Folder. Originally planned in a limited edition of 11 copies with three original paintings made with ketchup, shampoo and other "colours" that smelled, plus additional color photocopies of several other works made in the same fashion. Only the prototype was manufactured and shown during the 2-weeks action piece of painting the whole Gallery Paranorm with smelly "paints". The performance was done together with Andrzej Skrbinek.
ACE-24: Chazev Wilp - Running The Chaologic Kinetic Backspace. Computer manipulated Video of the performance. This was planned, but never published.
ACE-25: Currently undisclosed...
ACE-26: BLOOD AND GOLD - Theme: "Plagiarism". Included a fake 7" by Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot.
ACE-27: SPACE, SHUTTLE & ROLL - Vol.1 Number 1 - a sturdy cardboard envelope with A4 sized art inserts and a C60 cassette with exclusive music by Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Het Zweet, Enstruction and Kimerevites.
ACE-28: SPACE, SHUTTLE & ROLL - Vol.1 Number 2 - a sturdy cardboard envelope with A4 sized art inserts and a C60 cassette with exclusive music by Esplendor Geométrico, Francisco López, Rolf Julius and Vivenza.
ACE-29: SPACE, SHUTTLE & ROLL - Vol.1 Number 3 - a sturdy cardboard envelope with A4 sized art inserts and a C60 cassette with exclusive music by Electric Fish, Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl, Denier Du Culte and Dan/LH.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
ACE-01 Antimuzick  album cover FâLX çèrêbRi Feat. Graf Haufen FâLX çèrêbRi Feat. Graf Haufen - Antimuzick (EP) ACE-01 Germany 1985 Sell This Version
ACE-04 Performance Audio Installation MTA 13. October 1985  album cover Andrzej Dudek-Dürer Performance Audio Installation MTA 13. October 1985(Cass, Ltd, Num, C42 + Box) Artcore Editions ACE-04 Germany 1985 Sell This Version
ACE-15 Neoism Now  album cover White Colours Neoism Now(Cass, Comp, Ltd, Num, P/Mixed, C90) Artcore Editions ACE-15 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
ACE-18 Blood & Gold - Propaganda  album cover Monty Cantsin / Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Monty Cantsin / Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Blood & Gold - Propaganda(Cass, Single, C10 + Box, Sto + Ltd, Num) Artcore Editions ACE-18 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
ACE-22 RTCKB (Running The Chaologic Kinetic Backspace)  album cover Chazev Wilp* RTCKB (Running The Chaologic Kinetic Backspace)(Cass, Ltd, Num, C30) Artcore Editions ACE-22 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
ACE-26 Blood & Gold - Plagiarism  album cover Monty Cantsin Blood & Gold - Plagiarism(7", Single, Ltd + Box, Ltd, Num, Pos) Artcore Editions ACE-26 Germany 1986 Sell This Version
ACE-27 Space, Shuttle & Roll  album cover Various Space, Shuttle & Roll(Cass, Comp, C60 + Cass, Comp, C60 + Cass, Comp, C6) Artcore Editions, Artcore Editions, Artcore Editions ACE-27 Germany 1988 Sell This Version