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Canadian label; also sometimes referred to +8 Records, +8 or simply Plus 8. Early on Plus-8 Records was also used.
Label Code: LC 24157

The brainchild of two fanatical Canadians, Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, Plus 8 was a label born over fifteen years ago. Resolutely independent and fiercely determined, Plus 8 provided a welcoming stable to forward thinking artists from around the globe, establishing a name for itself as a progressive label that refused to pander to whim or fashion.

Plus 8 was instrumental in building the underground scene in Detroit, Windsor and the Midwest during the 1990's, from the Jak series, Trip series and legendary events such as 'Sickness & Recovery' and 'Spastik'. Many of today's artists on Minus and Plus 8 were inspired by these events or the overall sound of the Plus 8.

Since the mark of 'Phase II' (1998-) Plus 8 continues to release new techno under the same standards set forth at the beginning. Releases from Electric Deluxe (Jochem Paap), FUSE, Taksi, False, Dreamlife, Adam Beyer, Alex Under, Alexi Delano & Xpansul, Baby Ford & Eon, Link, Lemon8, Paco Osuna and reissue collections of Berlin's Cabinet Records have added to the sound over the past few years. Stunning new releases by emerging and established artists are rounding up 2007's release schedule as the label works towards its twentieth anniversary.

Important releases include early 12 inch singles from Speedy J, and Richie Hawtin's many pseudonyms including F.U.S.E. and Plastikman. The label was suspended in 1997 as Acquaviva concentrated on DJing and Hawtin on his new label, M nus, but releases (and re-releases of early material often licensed to other labels) have appeared from time to time, notably 2000's Plus 8 Classics triple 12 inch vinyl and CD retrospective.

PLUS8012 was released as T-Shirt.
PLUS8018 was released as Condom in 5 different Colors.
PLUS8027 was released as T-Shirt.
PLUS8034 was released as Mug.
PLUS8037 was released as an Artwork Print by Matthew Hawtin, titled "Network". Released in 1994 and limited to 100 numbered Copies.
PLUS8048 was released as an Artwork Print by Matthew Hawtin, titled "Blue Neuron". Released in 1994 and limited to 100 numbered Copies.
PLUS8060 was released as a Mousepad with the Bat-Logo.
PLUS8073 was released as a Mousepad with the New-Logo.
PLU01LOGB06 was released as T-Shirt.

This entry also contains company credits and copyright credits. Sometime in the second half of the 1990s the company name was formally changed to Plus 8 Records Ltd..

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