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Honest Jon's record shop was founded by Jon Clare and Dave Ryner in 1974. Its label Honest Jon's Records was started in 2001 by Mark Ainley and Alan Scholefield in conjunction with Damon Albarn.

Also appears as:
- Honest Jons Records

Parent Label:Honest Jons Records Ltd.
Sublabels:London Is The Place For Me
Contact Info:

278 Portobello Road
London W10 5TE

+44(0)208 969 9822
[email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook


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  • flowerbed's avatar
    Have to say their pressings of Moondog compilations/re-issues are lovely. Nice soft matt finish album sleeves on a couple of em too. Quality!
    • ruderoy121's avatar
      Edited 4 years ago
      For me Honest Jons is the place to be, I have bought so much great music from this shop over the years, i cannot think of another shop like it, Hanna, Harv, Nicky, Andy, Capone, Tetsew, just to name a few not including Mark, Alan, Doug, If you are not shopping at Honest Jons for music your not shopping, Then you must be shopping food or clothes e.t.c, not music.