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Record label created in Spring 2007 by two friends. It started with dubstep and now....if it sounds good.

2nd Drop Records officially started in the womb like environs of Plastic People at a legendary dubstep and grime night called Fwd. As regulars, labels owners Mark Gurney and James Bliss had been soaking up the vibes from the small, but formative dubstep scene championed by Youngsta and co since 2005. It was here that the guys formed their love of bass music, but also the key relationships with the as yet unknown future stars – throwing gun fingers with Ramadanman front left, sharing zoots with Oneman, chatting to Skream, Benga, Distance and Rusko at the bar.

Rewind 2 years to a dingy basement in Lewisham where Mark was coercing a bunch of young people in the art of putting out records with his youth programme Live Recordings. Their final signing was a young star called Jamie Woon, and his first single Wayfaring Stranger with a now legendary Burial remix (that has sparked further collaboration between the two). Sadly the project had to close, but from it’s ashes came a new beginning.

2nd Drop’s first release came about vicariously. After hearing Skream play Ramadanman’s version of Good Feelin on Rinse FM, and learning that he was thinking about giving it away for free, the label said it was too good just to give away and would he like to do a 12″? Enthralled by his unique, post-tribal take on dubstep, Mark sent him the parts to Jamie Woon’s Wayfaring Stranger and The Woon was born. Two tracks that sound more relevant in 2011 than ever before, a sound truly ahead of it’s time.

Further friendships created at FWD and DMZ , with graphic designer Hi. I'm Ralph. onboard. 2nd Drop released music from burgeoning talent like Rusko, Clouds, LD, Sully, JKenzo and LV as well as key remixes from Untold, Fantastic Mr Fox and Falty DL.

2011 has seen the label revitalized, two EPs released from LV and DjRUM, and with new releases and remixes from Gerry Read, Distal and Pedestrian 12", things are looking good.

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