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Denovali is an independent music label located in Germany, and founded in 2005. Not confined to a specific genre the program of Denovali varies from electronica, ambient, experimental to jazz, adventurous pop, modern composition, sound art & more.

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  • quietcalm's avatar
    Denovali is without a doubt one of the best independent labels currently in existence - with a formidable roster, their releases constantly exceed expectation & span all the most cutting edge genres. A look back over their catalog is a look back over a history of neo-classical, dark-jazz, drone & ambient with each of those genre's standout artists and releases finding a home on this excellent Imprint. I cannot wait to hear the next 300 releases from them. For my money do not go past releases like 'Ocean Noise' by Pan and me 'I' & 'II' by the Bersarin Quartett, 'Metamanoir' by the Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones & the Dictaphone Box to name but a few.
    • syndromman's avatar
      the label is great, the releases are great. but lately i just experience frustration in un-packing the vinyl and trying to get the records out of
      the package. getting them into the package again is another adventure. one has to be very careful not damaging the records.
      any one experiencing / feeling this as well?
      • Larvi's avatar
        This label is absolutely divine. Needs more recognition fast if you ask me.
        • derpif's avatar
          Edited 8 years ago
          to repress limited editions as soon they are sold out, and put them out as another limited edition is pretty common lately, but also pretty lame.
          • torjaeger1998's avatar
            I must agree, i am so happy to discover this label. Every release is worth a listen and they care for vinyl and the cover. Although i am collecting since the 80´s, i never saw a label as good as Denovali. Big hopes for the future.
            • yogamarc's avatar
              I second that comment!! I've just received some fresh vinyl from Denovali and I'm hooked. The artists are a bit obscure but well worth the discovery and effort to listen to. The vinyls themselves are incredibly cool with clear, colored or picture discs. So far they all sound great too!! They are a bit pricey and shipping to the states is not cheap but with numbers as low as 100 per pressing, you're sure to have a sweet little collectible. Easily my favorite new label - both in the unique music and overall presentation.
              • alexhelski's avatar
                Just some words to say that DENOVALI is one of the greatest label to discover new fresh (or not) artists from various range of styles, it give you great hopes for the music industry, and for the future of musics...