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Started in 2007 by Andy Blake (3) and ended in November 2009, Dissident was based in London (UK) and was devoted to Disco House, Acid House, Electro Disco and more.

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  • ojklob
    For me this is the most exciting new label around at the moment.In its short life Dissident has released over thirty tracks to date and most are absolute gems ranging from slow motion cosmic/italo disco to some of the dirtiest acid house on the planet today and also a couple of techno tracks.Granted there are a few releases that should be forgotton and serve no other purpose other than to use as a frisbee or maybe a place mat to rest your dinner plate on but 95% of the tracks so far are 100% quality so i have no problem with the single sided and limited to 200 copies issue.Good music is worth paying that little extra! Keep them coming
    • weeminger's avatar
      Actually record-reviewer by pressing the records in such limited quantities (200 per release I think) they're probably far better for the environment than some of the labels releasing in vast quantities which end up not being sold and going to landfill. Added to the fact that they have a collectibility, they're less likely to end up in bargain bins etc, or simply being binned if people buy them and don't want them. As a label they've probably released less records in total than eg Data (just an example, I've nothing against them particularly) did in a single run of one of their releases.
      • record-reviewer's avatar
        This label is owned by people who just don't care about the enviroment, almost every release on the dissident label is one-sided when there easily could be pressed 3-4 releases on a 12". And moslty these Dissident one-sided records came out with 3 releases at the same time. They weren't cheap either considering the cheap pressing quality and the black die cut sleeves.
        If they pressed at least 2 tracks on 1 record that would coust the people who buy these releases 1/2 isn't that a good reason on itself?