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The trademark of the German record company EMI Electrola GmbH, appearing regularly on German pressings from 1972 to 2002 (with infrequent occurrences between 1983 and 1994).

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The 'EMI Electrola' logo will likely also appear on releases of the following labels:
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In 1972, EMI Electrola GmbH was established and the new company set up a trademark for its products: EMI Electrola.
The logo was used until 2002, when EMI Electrola GmbH was merged with Virgin Schallplatten GmbH to become EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG.

Parent Label:EMI Electrola GmbH
Sublabels:2 Plus 2, Colorit, Edition 2000 (2), EMI Electrola-ASD, F-Musik, Happy-Records, Holiday In, Klänge Der Heimat, Masters Of Swing, Musik In Alten Städten Und Residenzen, ...


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