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Please use this page only for releases with "Mayking Records" logo or for releases which specifically credit "Mayking Records".
For releases which state "MASTERED BY MAYKING" please use the Mayking page, for test pressings stating "Mayking Records Ltd", please use Mayking Records Ltd.

The logo with Mayking Records appears on the center labels of test pressings since August 1988 (after the move to the new premises in Battersea) and in the mirror band of some audio CDs. They had an arrangement with MPO so that all their vinyl and CD orders would be pressed by MPO, and in return MPO would not press for any other UK company.
Since summer 1992 CD-Singles were glass mastered and pressed by Mayking, while albums were glass mastered by Mayking but continued to be pressed by MPO in France.
Occasionally, the glass mastering was outsourced to PDO, UK. Then an 8+2+1 pattern is added to the matrix, e.g. 10190291 01 &.
In those cases, PDO, UK should be credited with Glass Mastered At, using the first 8 digits (e.g 10190291) as sequential LCCN number. See an example here.

Please try to submit releases under the commissioning label, the cat# should help identify it, and add Mayking Records only as "Manufactured By" or "Made By" on vinyl test pressings that were pressed at MPO (check for an MPO etching). You may use "Not On Label" as the label on those test pressings with the Mayking Records logo for which you cannot find any info of the actual client label at all, with Mayking Records entered under "Manufactured By" or "Made By".

Renamed to Mayking Multi Media Ltd. in 1995.
Bought by DOCdata in 1997.

Parent Label:Mayking Records Ltd
Contact Info:

1988 - 1997:
250 York Road,
London SW11 3SJ


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