Kolkoz Records

Kolkoz Records

Netlabel from Toulouse, France.
Industrial, acid & techno works.

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Status Catalog Number  Image Artist Title (Format) Label Catalog Number  Country Year Actions
KH001 Taro Division - Vile Taro Division Vile(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH001 France 2017
KH002 Animal Holocaust - Lost In The Rave Animal Holocaust Lost In The Rave(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH002 France 2017
KH003 Lemane - Monster Lemane Monster(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH003 France 2017
KH004 Proceed (9) - Rave AF Proceed (9) Rave AF(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH004 France 2017
KH005 Znzl - Nothing I Could Die Of Znzl Nothing I Could Die Of(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH005 France 2017
KH006 Grayhuman - Great White Grayhuman Great White(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH006 France 2017
KH007 PONA (2) - Sandgate PONA (2) Sandgate(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH007 France 2017
KH008 Seinart - Mental Experiment Seinart Mental Experiment(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH008 France 2017
KH009 Th3 Tw1n2 - Le Chatelier's Principle Th3 Tw1n2 Le Chatelier's Principle(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH009 France 2017
KH010 Violent Blondes - Birthday Cake Is Dead Violent Blondes Birthday Cake Is Dead(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH010 France 2017
KH011 Aneed & Thrae - Vana Gloria Aneed & Thrae Aneed & Thrae - Vana Gloria(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH011 France 2017
KH012 CRDN - Illusion CRDN Illusion(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH012 France 2017
KH013 Undying Minds - Scales Of Violence Undying Minds Scales Of Violence(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH013 France 2017
KH014 Krÿst* - Fin Krÿst* Fin(5xFile, WAV, EP) Kolkoz Records KH014 France 2018
KKZ001 Maureille - Vostok Maureille Vostok(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KKZ001 France 2015
KKZ002 Drvg Cvltvre & Kuvera B - Basic Channel Drvg Cvltvre & Kuvera B Drvg Cvltvre & Kuvera B - Basic Channel(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KKZ002 France 2016
KKZ003 Bombardier - Pavement Bombardier Pavement(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KKZ003 France 2016
KKZ004 Priest (16) - Qatern Priest (16) Qatern(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KKZ004 France 2016
KKZ005 WarinD - Amluk WarinD Amluk(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KKZ005 France 2016
KKZ006 Haedes - The Prophecy Haedes The Prophecy(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KKZ006 France 2017
KKZ007 Jeånne - Stårs Jeånne Stårs(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KKZ007 France 2017
KXL01 Various - Kolkoz x Longway Various Kolkoz x Longway(8xFile, WAV, Comp) Longway Records (2), Kolkoz Records KXL01 France 2017
KZS01 Lifka (3) & Noach - KZS01 SPLIT Lifka (3) & Noach Lifka (3) & Noach - KZS01 SPLIT(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KZS01 France 2016
KZS02 Process 404 & Kegffnayy - KZS02 SPLIT Process 404 & Kegffnayy Process 404 & Kegffnayy - KZS02 SPLIT(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KZS02 France 2016
KZS03 Maureille & Shadowcomplex - KZS03 SPLIT Maureille & Shadowcomplex Maureille & Shadowcomplex - KZS03 SPLIT (10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KZS03 France 2017
KZS04 Yobox & Oposition - KZS04 SPLIT Yobox & Oposition Yobox & Oposition - KZS04 SPLIT(10xFile, WAV) Kolkoz Records KZS04 France 2017