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The Bongo Joe label explores contemporary underground worlds to dig out instruments, voices and machines. It plows as well the furrows of time to unearth rare nuggets, from here and elsewhere, which you will find them at Bongo Joe’s shop in Geneva or scatterered around the world…

Why Bongo Joe?
We decided to name our store and label in tribute to the very unique American street musician George 'Bongo Joe' Coleman (1923 – 1999) who was very popular in Texas and despite lucrative offers from established venues, for 30 years, preferred playing on the streets of different US cities and recorded his only album in San Antonio: George Coleman: Bongo Joe, in 1968 with producer Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records.
His self titled record is one that we have always cherished and was reissued years ago by our friends from Mississippi Records. His music was created with a pure DIY attitude and his message and the way he sung was in our opinion very ahead of its time. George 'Bongo Joe' Coleman's family were over the moon after seeing photos of our record store in Geneva, named and were very excited that European music lovers, so far away, decided to honor the name of their loved and long-lost relative.
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Les Disques Bongo Joe
9 place des Augustins
1205 Genève
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