UVB-76 Music

UVB-76 Music

Launched by Ruffhouse and Gremlinz in 2015, UVB-76 Music has established itself as a leader in the field of underground sonic art, releasing a markedly consistent series of 12” singles, EPs and a debut album in the form of Overlook’s highly anticipated ‘Smoke Signals’ album.

With an intimidating stable of key recording artists including Ruffhouse, Gremlinz, Pessimist, Overlook and Clarity appearing at events worldwide, UVB-76 Music has articulated a cohesive original sound matched to a visual identity created and curated by artist James Hewitt.

The label continues to operate at the cusp of identification playing a line between Drum & Bass, Techno and an unidentifiable mid-way. As consistent as its namesake, echoing covert communications and unspoken espionage.
(from soundcloud label account)


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
UVB76-LP001 Smoke Signals  album cover Overlook (2) Smoke Signals (Album) UVB76-LP001 UK 2017 Sell This Version
UVB76-001 Kilo (Ruffhouse Remix) / Dream Logic  album cover Aspect (3) & Gremlinz / Overlook (2) & Gremlinz Aspect (3) & Gremlinz / Overlook (2) & Gremlinz - Kilo (Ruffhouse Remix) / Dream Logic(12") UVB-76 Music UVB76-001 UK 2015 Sell This Version
UVB76-002 The Foot (Loxy & Resound Remix) / Oppression Dub  album cover Ruffhouse (3) / Skitty Ruffhouse (3) / Skitty - The Foot (Loxy & Resound Remix) / Oppression Dub(12") UVB-76 Music UVB76-002 UK 2016 Sell This Version
UVB76-003 Tendrils / Mindgames  album cover Clarity (4) / Mantra (44) Clarity (4) / Mantra (44) - Tendrils / Mindgames(12") UVB-76 Music UVB76-003 UK 2016 Sell This Version
UVB76-004 Nights Into Dreams / Scarlett  album cover Overlook (2) Nights Into Dreams / Scarlett UVB76-004 UK 2016 Sell This Version
UVB76-005 Paian  album cover Pessimist (2) Paian UVB76-005 UK 2016 Sell This Version
UVB76-006 Rocka / Red Zone  album cover Skitty / Artilect (2) Skitty / Artilect (2) - Rocka / Red Zone(12") UVB-76 Music UVB76-006 UK 2017 Sell This Version
UVB76-007 Pathos  album cover Outer Heaven (3) Pathos(12", EP) UVB-76 Music UVB76-007 UK 2017 Sell This Version
UVB76-008 All Of Them Witches  album cover Overlook (2) All Of Them Witches(12", EP) UVB-76 Music UVB76-008 UK 2018 Sell This Version
UVB76-009 Old World Disorder  album cover Karim Maas Old World Disorder(12") UVB-76 Music UVB76-009 UK 2018 Sell This Version
UVB76-010 ATK  album cover Stave ATK(12", EP) UVB-76 Music UVB76-010 UK 2018 Sell This Version
UVB76-011 Two Spirits EP  album cover Various Two Spirits EP (EP) UVB76-011 UK 2018 Sell This Version
UVB76-012 Public Image  album cover Overlook (2) Public Image(12", EP) UVB-76 Music UVB76-012 UK 2018 Sell This Version