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UK label set up by Doug Barclay and Joey Deez (RIP 6/20)

Village Live was established in 2008 by a group of like-minded writers, record collectors and skaters. In 2015 Remulak & Joey Deez setup Village Live Records, based in Cambridge & Brighton, as a means to release Remulak’s first record featuring Cappo & Lewis Parker
Shortly after, the label was approached by Ded Tebiase to release his debut album Seventy Five, which was met with critical acclaim and led to the decision to expand the label and start building a varied catalogue of music.
Since then Village Live Records has worked with and released projects by a wide variety of some of our favourite artists over the globe and released albums spanning across Hiphop, Jazz, Triphop & more, including a chunk of instrumental projects on vinyl, CD, cassette & digital.
Unexpectedly, in June 2020, Joseph Downs (Aka Joey Deez) passed away, sending a shockwave of sadness throughout his community of friends and family that love him so dearly. Tributes to Joey were expressed throughout the globe and highlighted just how many people’s lives he had affected in such a positive way.
At present, Village Live Records is now run by Remulak, and Dirty Hairy who continue to push the label and release music whose collective tastes created the foundations of the label.

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