Dead Oceans

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US label from Bloomington, Indiana.
A child or sibling of Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar, which was originally created in 2007 by Ben Swanson, Chris Swanson and Darius Van Arman, in collaboration with Austin-based Phil Waldorf. It is the current home to Mitski, Kevin Morby, Phoebe Bridgers, Khruangbin and Slowdive.

Parent Label:Secretly Group
Sublabels:Dead Oceans, Inc., Saddest Factory
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Dead Oceans
1499 W. Second St.
Bloomington, IN 47403

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  • windyafternoon's avatar
    why do the best labels have to give such shitty presses 90% of the time!!! we are tired
    • rockstarbarry's avatar
      Bad quality vinyl pressings. How hard is it to put out a decent product that's flat and free of noise?
      • movceo's avatar
        Such a shame that a label with so many great acts puts out such shitty vinyl pressings. I got burned so many times and usually just buy the CD's now instead.
        • sasiij's avatar
          As The guy below has said, had the displeasure of owning a few Dead Oceans releases. Phoebe Bridger's Punisher is hands down the worst pressing of any album i've ever owned. Sounded like it was being played in a different room it was so muddy. Stay clear
          • Janhels's avatar
            Consistently bad pressings, with only few exceptions. I'm avoiding them like the plague from now on. It's the Dead Oceans pressings, amost every time that are unlistenable (except Have We Met - Destroyer). I returned Kevin Morby's Sundowner today, the day after release. I regret that I did not return the Oh My God album, Mitski, Ryley Walker and so on. You hear the surface noise better than you hear the music. Vinyl is not supposed to sound like that. I've simply had enough of the disappointment, so no more. Dead Oceans, please don't release more albums of my favorite artists.
            • SwitcherooU's avatar
              I like these guys. With very few exceptions, Dead Oceans doesn't mess around with substandard pressings. Everything from Eno to Destroyer has sounded topnotch.

              And, to my knowledge, they pretty much always include a download card—which is very important to me.