WMME Alsdorf


Vinyl, cassette and CD manufacturing plant, operating under this name between 1991 and 2003, as a division of Warner Music Manufacturing Europe.
It was located in Alsdorf, Germany.

Vinyl pressings can be identified by 'WMME Alsdorf' stamped into the runout area.

CD matrices can be identified as follows:
1. 'WME' or 'WMME' in the matrix (1991 - 1997, but can still appear on later repressings). Examples:
– 756792612-2 WME (Forgiven, Not Forgotten)
– 903174884-2/1 WME (Missa Solemnis)
– 450990359-2.2 WME (Cornelius + Cretu)

2. A mastering date after the 9+1(.# or /#) matrix string (September 1996 - late 2002). Examples:
– 063016396-2 WMME 09/96 (Twist In My Sobriety)
– 3984282512-2 07/99 (Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches)
– 755974014-2.4 06/00 (Strange Days)
– 936242476-2 08/02 (Summer Breezin')

3. A letter and two numbers after the 9+1(.# or /#) matrix string and mastering date (late 2002 - September 2003). Examples:
– 755962813-2.2 10/02 V01 (Under Construction)
– 936248381-2 09/03 V01 (In Time (The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003))

4. A letter and two numbers after the 13 matrix string (late 2002 - September 2003). Example:
– 5050466532626 V01 (Waar Gaat Dit Heen?)

Mastering SID codes: IFPI L011, IFPI L012, IFPI L013, IFPI L016, IFPI L017.
Mould SID codes: IFPI 05** / IFPI 06**
These codes are indicative only as they have also been used by predecessors and successors.

Note 1:
For CDs with 10/03 or 11/03 month in the matrix refer to the artwork: credit WMME where 'Made in Germany by Warner Music Manufacturing Europe' is printed; credit Cinram GmbH when 'Made in the EU' or 'Manufactured in the EU' appears. If in doubt, please open a thread in the forums. Some dubious releases:
Greatest Hits (10/03 matrix but 'Manufactured in the EU').
Closer (11/03 matrix but 'Made in Germany by WMME' on back cover and 'Manufactured in the EU' on disc).
Train Of Thought.

Note 2:
If 3 letters are present after the 9+1(.# or /#) V01 matrix string, e.g. 256468068-3 V01 DTD, please credit Cinram GmbH instead.

Note 3:
The Warner (the big 'W') logo in the matrix of a CD is by itself not indicative for the CD having been pressed by WMME. It's an indicator that the CD is a pressing of a Warner related artist.

Note 4::
Be aware that the V01-style codes with a letter and two numbers after the matrix string are not exclusive to Cinram GmbH but were already introduced by WMME in late 2002. Please don't credit Cinram GmbH only based on the V01 codes.
Also, as can be seen on the first disc of this 2012 release manufactured by Cinram GmbH, there are no extra identifiers added to represses made from WMME Alsdorf glass masters: The Triple Album Collection

Previous name and facility history: Record Service Alsdorf.
Sold in July 2003 to Cinram and became Cinram GmbH in October 2003.

Note on vinyl:
WMME Alsdorf manufactured both small and large centre hole editions of 7"s and used the same label layout for both editions. This procedure partially affected the layout of the large centre hole editions and the record appears to be 'dinked'. Actually the record was manufactured and sold in this form. Alsdorf 7" editions with large centre hole were exclusively distributed within continental Europe and should be submitted separately.
The last vinyl record was pressed on September 4th 1998.

Known mastering and lacquer cutting engineers:

Parent Label:Warner Music Manufacturing Europe
Sublabels:WMME Studio Alsdorf
Contact Info:

Max-Planck-Straße 1-9
D-52477 Alsdorf

T: +49 2404 58-0
F: +49 2404 58-202


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