Italian Style Production


Italian Style, sublabel of Time S.p.A., was one of the most important Eurodance, italo-dance labels during the 90s. Now defunct.
Also appears as ISP.

Parent Label:Time S.p.A.


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  • WN3_4EX's avatar
    italian style looks like pierre feroldi is locked in his room for most of the early 90`s maybe a friend knocks on the door and they record a track far off am i?
    • Alien5's avatar
      Personally, for me, one of the best Italian labels as far as italo-house and italo-dance music is concerned. You would be surprised how many dance hits came out of this label (U.S.U.R.A, Aladino, Orange Blue, Trivial Voice, Dirty Mind, Deadly Sins, etc.). It is a great pity that this type of music fell into oblivion so quickly and that it can no longer be heard anywhere at parties.....
      • Rich.C's avatar
        When people talk of Italo House from the early to mid 90s this label is certainly one that springs to mind for delivering some absolute classics. You have to search for those diamonds in the rough as alot of tracks on this label sound more like Eurovision entries! this label was hammered by Sasha and Vertigo amongst others. Personal favs would be by the likes of; Ruffcut, Anita Adams, House Corporation, Aladino, Open Billet, Synthesis...find and enjoy!