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Intercord Record Service (IRS) was established in 1985 as subsidiary company for distribution by the Intercord Ton GmbH and was active until 1998 (since 1995 part of the Intercord Tonträger GmbH), when it was dissolved by then owner EMI.
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6-digit catalog number system:, from 1986 IRS

Instructions about Intercord cat# on Roadrunner Records releases (used since 1990):
In the absence of distribution tag, please use: or IRS or D IRS --> Distributed By - Intercord Record Service
-INT or D INT --> Distributed By - Intercord

Parent Label:Intercord Tonträger GmbH
Sublabels:Alternation (2), IRS
Contact Info:

Now obsolete:
IRS - Spezialvertrieb der Intercord Tonträger GmbH
Schönbergstr. 47
D-73760 Ostfildern

Tel + 49 (0)7 11 - 47 63-0
Fax + 49 (0)7 11 - 47 63-3 51


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