Sumerian Records


California based heavy metal label founded and run by Ash Avildsen.

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Email: [email protected] , Facebook , X , YouTube , Instagram , Soundcloud , Bandcamp


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  • ES_Chrizz's avatar
    Awful experience with them... over and over... took a month before they shipped the order which is in stock (and it was no pre-order)... Probably if i haven't mailed them about the order i could wait forever...

    I do not understand why semi big bands or groups are using this label... they are extremely lazy and incompetent.
    • cedric.jacquotpreaux's avatar
      How it comes that the last Soreption is barely available through the world ? It would be nice to make more copies of this albums even if its not the greatest Soreption.
      • WitchTripper89's avatar
        Terrible record label, terrible customer service, terrible sounding records. This isn't a business to get great records as much as a way to spend money you don't care to keep.