Virgin France S.A.


French record company, operating under this name between late 1980 (registered in April 1981) and May 2001.
Also appears as : Virgin France SA (which shouldn't be confused with Virgin France SAS).
Part of the Virgin Music Group. Virgin France SA is the registered name of the company which operated Virgin France brand.

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How to identify a first edition or reissue:
Until the end of 1983 Virgin France used 6 digit cat. ##, e.g. 101 568 (7") or 200 385 (LP). Beginning 1984, the system was changed to 5 digits, using 3xxxx for CD, 4xxxx and 5xxxx for cassettes, 6xxxx for 2xLP, 7xxxx for LP, 8xxxx for 12", and 9xxxx for 7".
The PM (Pathé Marconi) price codes were also introduced in 1984, along with the switch to the 5 digit cat#.

During its lifespan the Virgin France S.A. entity acted as:
• French branch of the Virgin group of companies, releasing and distributing in France artists signed to the UK, US or German branches and their sublabels,
• company with its own A & R department, signing and releasing french artists such as Etienne Daho, Les Rita Mitsouko, Les Negresses Vertes, Alain Souchon or Mano Negra,
• distributor, licensing and distributing in France many of the biggest indie labels of the 80s and 90s, such as Factory, Rough Trade (UK), Creation Records, 4AD or Mute Records Ltd. and their sublabels, later via Labels,
• parent company of many sublabels, such as Delabel or Source.

In May 2001, Virgin France S.A. became Virgin France SAS - those releases must be entered there.

Parent Label:Virgin Records Ltd.
Sublabels:Gum Prod/Gum Records, Planete Virgin
Contact Info:

11 Place des Vosges
75004 Paris



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