DRUMETRICS can be simply defined as a: Pulsating Measure
We try to create combining metric lines (op art) to coincide with a metric pulse (drums)
With collecting vintage drums and recording them technically in the same era they were made- is the staple of our sound and visuals. Our goal is to engineer a raw analog drum sound for either producers to sample or collaborate.

Our Drumetrics Collective of artist produces sounds that can be categorized as a harmonious blend of electronic, psychedelic, funk music inspired by the 1960’s. The music stirs and unites the energy to engage the listener similar to a soldier hearing the heavy syncopated drum pattern while standing at the front lines preparing for war.

Drumetrics is the finished product of what MRR (Michael Raymond Russell) and GLK (The Gaslamp Killer) began in 1999 as MHE, Machines Have Emotions. MHE morphed into a collective called Dirtydrums that derived from sampling raw drum breaks off of vinyl from the era of the 1960s and 70s. From there, this entity emerged as the duo of MRR-ADM who took the production to the next level by engineering and recording the sounds captivated as they did in the 1960’s & 70’s by using vintage analog equipment.

Now, it is officially a record label with a collective of artist aiming to resurrect, recreate, and release music inspired by the UK Library Music of the 1960’s. Which created a raw minimal sound production thats sampler friendly for Producers,Television & Movie Scores.

The ​Drumetrics Collective:
MRR - Michael Raymond Russell
MSK - Marcus Seiji Knaus
RSI - Richard Santino Isabella
CDL - Coz Douglas Littler (Mr. Chop)
NCP - Natalie Clarice Peckham
DRB - Danny Ray Barragan
ADB - Andrew David Barragan
DJR - David John Rico
DCB - David Chico Barragan
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
C001 Collective-001  album cover Various Collective-001 (EP) C001 US 2017 Sell This Version
CDL-001 CDL-001  album cover CDL CDL-001(10", EP, Ltd) Drumetrics CDL-001 US 2017 Sell This Version
DRB-ADB 001 DRB-ADB-001  album cover DRB*, ADB* DRB*, ADB* - DRB-ADB-001 (EP) DRB-ADB 001 US 2017 Sell This Version
Drumetrics-001 Drumetrics-001  album cover MRR Drumetrics-001(10", Shape, Ltd, Pic) Drumetrics Drumetrics-001 US 2016 Sell This Version
EASTRONIC Eastronic  album cover MRR, MSK*, ADB* MRR, MSK*, ADB* - Eastronic(10", EP, Ltd) Drumetrics EASTRONIC US 2019 Sell This Version
none EYEdeals  album cover MRR EYEdeals(10") Drumetrics none US 2018 Sell This Version
RSI-MSK 001 RSI-MSK-001  album cover RSI (4), MSK* RSI (4), MSK* - RSI-MSK-001(10", EP, Ltd) Drumetrics RSI-MSK 001 US 2016 Sell This Version
TOTM 010 RSI​-​MSK​-​001  album cover RSI (4), MSK* RSI (4), MSK* - RSI​-​MSK​-​001(Cass, EP, Sil) Drumetrics TOTM 010 US 2016 Sell This Version
TOTMC 010 RSI​-​MSK 001  album cover RSI (4), MSK* RSI (4), MSK* - RSI​-​MSK 001(Cass, EP) Drumetrics TOTMC 010 US 2016 Sell This Version