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American experimental label and distributor extablished in February 1991. As of Aug. 25th, 2003, Anomalous ceased distributing and no longer offered a mail order service. The label continued to issue new releases, but was completely shut down on Dec. 31st, 2004. One posthumous release was done in 2007.

Anomalous Records was initially located southern California and relocated to Portland, Oregon for a short period at the end of 1992 and beginning of 1993. During 1994, Anomalous Records was located in Whittier, California and hosted weekly performances. The artists that performed there include Premature Ejaculation, EXP, Tadpole, Randy Greif, Poltergeist, Solid Eye, Voice of Eye, Speculum Fight, Fin, Nux Vomica, blackhumour, The Haters, AMK, Lab Rat, Crib, Megaspore, Masonna, and Solmania.

In April 1995, Anomalous Records relocated to Seattle. Between 1996 and 1997, Anomalous Records operated a shop and performance space in Seattle. During that time, there were performances by Climax Golden Twins, Hiss, Rapoon, Bramble Ram, Ovipositor, UN, Harry Pussy, *Polar, Mr. Pharmacist, Not Breathing, Hands To, William Hooker & DJ Olive, Slow Color Orgasm, inBOIL, Phil Gelb, Unfolkus, Bill Horist, Eyvind Kang, Paisano, Greg Gilmore, Noggin, Blowhole, Quadlibet, Tinty Music, Miss Murgatroid, Interference Patterns, Doug Theriault, Sanohnepai, Jeffery Taylor, Rick Bishop, Accord-Eon, Gleet, Mike Shannon, The Horror Known as Jalopaz, Noisegate, .KageL., Basic Noise, blackhumour, Frank Moore, Achim Wollscheid, Jeff Greinke, Irving Klaw Trio, Gino Robair, Wally Shoup, Phaser, Waterbugs, Intonarumi, Hovercraft, String Beast, Nux Vomica, Scot Jenerik, :YAU:, bernhard günter, The Incubus Octet, Emmisis Basin, Skerik and many others. Also, there was a room set aside as a gallery which featured work by Jesse Paul Miller, Jeffery Taylor, Achim Wollscheid, Jeph Jerman, Leif Elggren, Steve Roden and m/s. In 2001, a tenth anniversary festival was held at the Sand Point Naval Base in Seattle. The event was to coincidence with the release of the compilation LP "An Uncommon Nature" and featured performances by Richard Lerman, Mike Shannon, Dave Knott, Climax Golden Twins, Jeph Jerman and Jonathan Coleclough, as well as a contact microphone building workshop by Richard Lerman.

Anomalous Records was founded and run by Eric Lanzillotta. At many times it was run by Eric alone. Other employees over the course of the business were Danielle Sklar, Daniel Menche, Damion Romero, Jessica Kerr, Davey Schmitt, Drew Demeter, Jeph Jerman, A.J. Lindner, Rachael Jackson, Isaac Sterling, Jefferson Petrey, Sara Lanzillotta, Matt Shoemaker, Monica René Rochester, Ellen Fullman, and Daniel Mitha.

Sublabels:.Absolute. [Seattle], Baader-Meinhof, Tadpole, ZSF Produkt USA
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