♥ Remixers ♥

By MrE2Me MrE2Me
updated over 8 years ago

Artists whose remixing work is consistently and dependably excellent.

  1. Brothers In Rhythm

    Pioneers of the epic prog. house remix, rarely turning one out with a running time under 10 minutes. You pretty much can't go wrong with anything they've put their hands on. Their work still holds up today, and Dave Seaman continues to be a top-notch DJ and producer.

  2. Deep Dish

    These guys have to rank in my top 3 "all-around" electronic artists (i.e. those who excel at producing, remixing and DJing - electronic music's trifecta). I'll go out of my way to purchase a release I've never heard of just because I see there's a Deep Dish remix on it. They're that reliably excellent. Sure, their sound has become more mainstream with time, but their production skills haven't diminished a bit. Huge respect.

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