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My favorite and other albums.
The + signs are my rating.
From 1 to 5.

  1. Adam And The Ants - Prince Charming

    This band had a very visual oriented image at this time.
    "Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios " is the best song, I think. It also is good live.

  2. Adam And The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier

    This is of a very unique sound.
    It's a transition of punk to a more ... ? different style.
    "Los Rancheros" is my favorite song.

  3. Adam And The Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox

    This is when they were more of a punk band.

  4. Alien Sex Fiend - Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain

    This is a strange band, but I like them a lot.
    This album is very punk but has a lot of synths and effects, but not as much as later albums.

  5. Alien Sex Fiend - Acid Bath

    The classic album of this band.
    I like the tone of the synths.

  6. Alien Sex Fiend - Another Planet

    Very strange. Some of the songs are more like audio clips.
    But they are funny.

  7. Alien Sex Fiend - Open Head Surgery

    Strange as always.
    But also, as always,
    I do like the tone of the heavy synths.

  8. Alien Sex Fiend - All Our Yesterdays

    Their more known songs are compiled here.
    I think some of the versions are different from originals.

  9. All About Eve - All About Eve

    This album has a lot of dreamy songs.
    "In the Clouds" is my favorite, it's very 'light'.
    The guitars are also good.

  10. All About Eve - Scarlet And Other Stories

    Not as good as the first album, but there are good songs.

  11. Bauhaus - 1979-1983

    Bauhaus is a band that is very important to me.
    These are the essential songs.
    Good if you are getting into the band.

  12. Bauhaus - In The Flat Field

    Very dark album, it has a creepy atmosphere, but this atmosphere is what makes the album so charming.

  13. Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone Out

    The opening song is the best.
    I really like the guitars.
    The coolest.

  14. Bauhaus - Mask

    There is also a strange atmosphere here.
    It's difficult to describe.
    But it's the kind of album that stays on your mind.

  15. Bryan Ferry - Boys And Girls

    Very elegant, of course it's Bryan Ferry style.

  16. Buck-Tick - Hurry Up Mode

    This is an album of unique style.
    It's not either hard or too punk.
    but somehow inbetween.

  17. Buck-Tick - Sexual XXXXX!

    I think this was a good era of the band,
    the production sometimes is a little too heavy on this album,
    but the songs are very pop.

  18. Buck-Tick - Seventh Heaven

    7 For Sale from $7.99

    The band was in very good shape at the time of this album.
    Most of the songs are classic at lives.

  19. Buck-Tick - Taboo

    5 For Sale from $7.99

    This may be my favorite album.
    The sound is very sharp, the songs are remarkable.
    It is one of their best.

  20. Buck-Tick - Just One More Kiss

    5 For Sale from $9.99

    Somehow, I think "Just One More Kiss" sounds better here. It's very subtle.

  21. Buck-Tick - Symphonic Buck-Tick In Berlin

    3 For Sale from $9.99

    I think the mix is low on my copy. But other than that, the arrangements are ok.

  22. Buck-Tick - 悪の華

    6 For Sale from $6.99

    Kiss me good-bye" was the first song I heard of them.
    It was 'instant love'.
    This album is very important to me. It has a atmosphere that I can't describe.
    All of the songs are good, there isn't a "filler".
    This is also maybe my favorite album.
    It has a lot of sentimental value to me.

  23. Buck-Tick - 悪の華

    5 For Sale from $4.99

    "Under the Moon Light" is a cute song.

  24. Buck-Tick - 狂った太陽

    4 For Sale from $14.71

    This is more of a heavier sound than the previous album.
    But all of the songs are also great.
    This album is also very important to me.
    "My Funny Valentine" is my favorite out of it.