100 Albums (and singles)That Changed the World

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  1. T. Rex - Electric Warrior

    Marc Bolan single-handedly invented Glam Rock when he performed his single "Hot Love" on BBC's musical variety show "Top of the Pops". Prior to this, T. Rex was a folk duo part of the Peace & Love movement of the late 1960's, which died in 1969 after the murders committed by the Manson family and The Rolling Stone's concert at Altamont which for some people in attendance ended fatally. "Electric Warrior" cemented the death of the Peace & Love Movement and spawned a rebirth of rock music known as Glam (also Glitter). Marc Bolan, as far as I'm concerned, is the Godfather of Modern Rock n' Roll. Or at least modern day Alternative rock as opposed to modern day Heavy Metal. It is said that Glam rockers were playing and young punks were listening...

  2. The Stooges - The Stooges

    When this record was released in 1969, no other record was as abrasive as this one. Mainstream pop culture in the 1960's, I've been told, tried to sugar coat and cover up the uncertainty of the decade. Bubblegum pop was going in one direction, and the Love Movement was a bandwagon heading in the opposite direction. The Stooges' self-titled debut album was the rawest element of the 1960's. The world will never again be graced with an album like this one, nor be graced with the presence of a musician as creative and eccentric as Iggy Pop. "The Godfather of Punk" is a very fitting title for the man himself.

  3. The Doors - The Doors

    The Doors' self-titled debut album can arguably be considered the birth of classic rock. This 1967 release marks the age when albums transformed from being a compilation of successful singles to well-crafted and organized masterpieces, that were meant to be listened to from the first track on side A to the final track on side B.

  4. Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro

    The 1960's brought powerful female lead singers: Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, and let's not let Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue go under the radar. All these women had one thing in common: they were rock singers but they were part of a larger act. Suzi Quatro was the first noted female rock singer to establish a solo career. Her powerful voice would be emulated later on by various female punk rockers. Female lead singers continue to emulate her to this day. Suzi was the one who started it all for women in rock n' roll!

  5. New York Dolls - New York Dolls

    Cross-dressing, make-up. Enough said! You're looking at the pioneers right here on this album cover! This was unheard in rock n' roll prior to these guys! Syl Sylvain, an Egyptian Jewish immigrant (yep) and Arthur "Killer" Kane (look it up) had a band with Johnny Thunders and Thunders simply got worn out and could not front the band anymore. They all had a mutual friend from Staten Island named David Johansen, but they didn't know he was a singer! You probably know him better as Buster Poindexter and he plays lounge music. And check out Rick Rivets, the other members curse the name, but he left the Dolls early and had equal success with a group called The Brats. They all had one thing in common, they liked blues, they liked the Stones, and thats what they played but with a slight edge. This band was all about shock value! If you can scream, and shout, and screech, while dressed like a chick! Well man, you're gonna scare some people. You're gonna make them cry, you're gonna make them wanna die, you're gonna make people wanna keep their kids in the house. But you know what, you will sell records, and you will change the face of rock n' roll in the process...

  6. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

    This is a non-album single, but it's important! It had to be on this list. Joy Division had an interesting approach to music. The band consisted of four Mancunians who shared a deep and profound interest in music, but were not trained musicians. Originally they started just as another punk band "Warsaw" and had your typically gritty punk sound. But then Ian Curtis totally changed his style of singing and the band added a synthesizer. Then this single was born, leading way to types of music described as "New Wave" (which during the late 1970's was an interchangeable term with "Punk"), "Synth Pop", and even giving way to "Goth" and providing an influence for artists like The Cure and Marilyn Manson.

  7. The Who - Tommy

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    There was no such thing as a "rock opera" before this.

  8. MC5 - Kick Out The Jams

    Well of course this album had to be on the list! It was one of the first (if not the first) album to feature a profane word: everyone's favorite, "Kick out the jams, motherf---ers!" This was also one of a handful of albums from the late 1960's that laid the foundation for metal. Nowadays every rap album released uses the f-bomb at least 20 times per song, in addition to a multitude of profanities, derogatory phrases, and racial epitaphs. They ought to tip their snapbacks to MC5 if you ask me.