100 Greatest Miami Bass Songs

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"Definition: - Miami Bass (bass, booty bass, car audio bass) is a form of Hip Hop dance with its core roots in Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force's 1982 seminal track "Planet Rock". The style is characterized by raps or instrumentals, a heavy syncopated bass, and features party, message, or explicit lyrical content. Important pioneers include Amos Larkin (the father of Miami Bass), 2 Live Crew, and Maggotron, to name a few. The genre also kick started the southern rap phenomenon. Miami Bass peaked in the late '80s and early '90s with acts such as J.J. Fad, 2 Live Crew, DJ Magic Mike, and Sir Mix-A-Lot. Its last great period was in the late '90s before it virtually went underground ever since."

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  1. 2 Live Croew* - Trow The D. And Ghetto Bass

    #1 place shared with:
    Throw the P. - Anquette

    The Track, "Throw The D." on this release to be specific

  2. Tag Team - Whomp! (There It Is)

    #10 place shared with:
    Whoot! There It Is - 95 South

  3. Techmaster P.E.B. - Bass Computer

    Track 7, "Bass Computer" on this release to be specific

  4. 2 Live Croew* - Trow The D. And Ghetto Bass

    The Track, "Ghetto Bass" on this release to be specific.

    (Had to use this release, as not allowed to have duplicate copies of the same release.)

  5. The 2 Live Crew - The Revelation / What I Like

    The Track, "The Revelation" on this release to be specific