107.5 WGCI Hits, Dusties & Old School

Another classic Chicago radio playlist. Already did one for B96 (90s dance/rhythmic era), Q101 (alternative-era), defunct energy 92.7 (dance), and also-defunct WNUA smooth jazz. the last type of list I'm making regarding old Chicago radio back when it was worth listening to unlike current Chicago radio, which is a joke nowadays.

Back in the day, WGCI was the #1 most listen to station in Chicago for nearly 3 decades. Was my 2nd favorite station as a youngster after B96. Below is many of the tracks played on the once-mighty urban powerhouse "The BIG station" WGCI, as well as former rival turned sister station WVAZ V103 (formerly 102.7 WBMX; the REAL BMX), Time period is from the mid-1970s through the early 2000s.

Searched through many radio/trade magazines, available airchecks online, and those tracks that i remember on top of my head. Digital equivalent of digging through the crates. Expect to see tons of long lost tracks as well as the more familiar tunes of this era.
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