15 Mentions for 2015

By VasiliKochura VasiliKochura
updated over 3 years ago

  1. Max Gra€f* & Glenn A$tro* - Money $ex 01

    22 For Sale from $7.52

    Promising young cats Max Graef and Glenn Astro serve us a "crossover" blend of jazz, hip-hop and deep house music beautifully and cohesively over a warm lo-fi palate. #1 for 2015

  2. Mutual Intentions - Mutual Intentions #1

    2 For Sale from $83.33

    An amazing collection of hip-hop, soul and rap from seasoned underground Oslo/Stockholm collective "Mutual Intentions" that leaves you feeling like you listened to a future classic. This takes the runner up spot of 2015. Get at it.

  3. ChillxWill - Almighty

    1 For Sale from $55.44

    With hard boom-bap beats and steady rap flows, it's no wonder this debut from New York's "ChillxWill" caught the attention of niche old-school rap label Chopped Herring. This release brings me straight back to Queensbridge in 1995 or something. Hype debut. The only track to skip is "Bitch". #3 of 2015.

  4. Ras G - Deep Space Nine / Gloom Steez / Taste This

    2 For Sale from $26.30

    The LA native takes us through some new and ancient territory with signature samples, blunted space vibes and boom-bap futurism. A beautiful presentation with a hand etched Egyptian style b-side by Barka, this 12" can help you get to space. "Ohhhhhhh Ras!"

  5. Monobody - Monobody

    1 For Sale from $20.00

    Math-rock meets jazz-rock on this Chicago band's debut. A refreshing sound with great musicianship featuring Chi-town stalwart Nnamdi. If you like your music technical and beautiful then this record is for you. Also, don't miss a chance to see this band live....

  6. Uffe (6) - Radio Days

    3 For Sale from $19.99

    Amsterdam based musician and producer Uffe feels comfortable mixing his flavor of house with soul, downtempo and even juke influences to great success. A calm, dark and original release which pushes the expectation and medium that is "house" music.

  7. Delofi* - Nuts

    2 For Sale from $22.00

    A lovely, hazy, hip-hop collage from ghetto impressionist Delofi released on UK label Acorn Tapes. "Nuts" takes you through dusty alleyways and dirty head-nodders with a vagueness and warmness.

  8. Kamasi Washington - The Epic

    173 For Sale from $31.10

    Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus' genre defying label has given us an amazing spiritual infused jazz LP from Kamasi Washington - one of the sax players on last year's "You're Dead". What you should expect is to dive into a record with over 2 hours worth of fantastic moods and musicianship. What you should not expect is any covers or songs less than 7 minutes. If you like jazz and you're alive in 2015, listen to this album. Uhh, Thundercat's little brother plays drums...

  9. DJ Clent - Last Bus To Lake Park

    1 For Sale from $26.60

    Ghetto house veteran DJ Clent brings us his first full length LP release of his ~20 year career. A set of thoughtfully crafted 160 BPM bouncers which are great for parties, blunt sessions and jukin out. Thoughout "Last Bus", Clent flips everything from Super Mario to classic 70's soul with his signature Chicago style.

  10. SNK∆* - Carnaval

    6 For Sale from $11.28

    SNKA drops his first vinyl release with Carnaval. Contemporaries Knxwledge, Khryo and ShunGu all come to mind when listening to the young producer's beats but he adds a charm and taste which sets him apart. Keep an eye out for this cat.

  11. Iller The Abstract Giraffe, Virtual Flannel - DT007: ILLER / VIRTUAL FLANNEL

    2 For Sale from $25.41

    Forward thinking futurism from Iller and Virtual Flannel released on NY label Dirty Tapes. Iller comes correct with his imaginative hip-hop landscapes and Virtual Flannel brings some heat on side B. Impressive release.

  12. Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon

    3 For Sale from $82.19

    Really enjoyed this sound. Great challenging progressive compositions, R'n'B swag and a soul/fusion atmosphere. Very promising self-produced release from this Australian group.

  13. K15 - The Scarlet Tape

    1 For Sale from $22.22

    K15 comes from a mixed house and hip-hop background. At times reminiscent of LA-era FlyLo, "The Scarlet Tape" is a well polished beat tape that mixes fresh bumps with some insightful skits in between which give some backstory to this genre hopping producer.

  14. Mamaleek - Via Dolorosa

    6 For Sale from $14.99

    Mamaleek really shocked me me with their unique blend of black metal aesthetic, folk and world music elements and a kind of beautiful wretched melancholy. A very inspired album that challenges the boundaries of several genres.

  15. D'Angelo And The Vanguard (3) - Black Messiah

    53 For Sale from $17.00

    "Black Messiah", a gritty soul record which brings to mind black church spirituals, the blues, lo-fi, dusty funk 45s... A raw success.