Proto-Darkside (1983 - 1991) - Before The Darkside.

updated about 1 year ago

Proto-Darkside tunes that pre-date all that so called dark mania in hardcore jungle or darkcore (lol) music circa late 1992/93. It wasn't all about 1992 & 1993, the darkness was there long before...

For tunes to be candidates they have to contain more of a serious tone. And that might conjure up feelings or vibes of being sinister, melancholic, dark, neurotic, hypnotic, foreboding, doom-laden, tense, subliminal, thought provoking, manic, eerie, tragic, weird, heavy, hard, deep, evil, horrific, creepy, menacing, paranoid, ominous, just plain disgusting or all of the above !!

Many of the tracks listed below actually did influence the darker vibe which was to envelope the rave scene later on. Artists creating that style also heavily sampled these records to create their own unique sound.

In the styles of Techno - Early Hardcore - Breakbeat - Acid House - Electro - Rave and even good old House.

P.S. Big shout out to longtallerny, Mitriy and asin_denvicifor the extra suggestions/input!

P.S. If anyone thinks there are any tracks which they think should be included, feel free to let me know as this list is a work in progress & in no particular order either.

  1. Joey Beltram - Beltram Vol. 1

    Energy Flash & Psycho Bass

  2. Static (8) - Enter

    3 For Sale from $37.58

    Iron Orbit.

    Very experimental and way ahead of its time, from way back in lateish 1989.

  3. Forgemasters - Track With No Name

    Track With No Name / Shall We.

    Underground, warehouse anthem from the summer of 1989.

  4. 78th Street Project - A S.U.R.E. Shot Mix

    10 For Sale from $11.32

    Base Line Dimension / Mechanical Madness.

    The other 2 tracks are more on the rough new york house but happier Todd Terry cut n paste tip. These are a techno/acid house crossover.

    AKA Joey Beltram and Tino Tranchese. Also Collaborated under the acclaimed Technical Onslaught guise. This release however, is much less well known and from way back in 1988! Possibly Beltram's one of two first proper releases??

    Both tracks dark, moody and hypnotic. Mechanical Madness has more of an acidic edge.

  5. Open Mind - The Trance

    7 For Sale from $28.00

    The Trance / Body Force

  6. Direct - Let It Ride

    8 For Sale from $31.49

    Project Breakdown

  7. Direct - Let It Ride

    Techno Gone Mad

  8. Revelation - Synth-It / First Power

    Synth-It (Original Mix)

    The Realm (Dub Version)

  9. Mental Mayhem - Where Are They Hiding / Joey's Riot

    23 For Sale from $19.78

    Where Are They Hiding / Joey's Riot

    2 excellent, deep, dark & heavy tracks.

  10. Project "86"* - Industrial Bass

    Industrial Bass (Industrial Mix)

  11. D-Magnify - Manifestation

    Manifestation (Remix)


  12. Eon - Spice

    Spice (Original Mix With Notes)

  13. Nightmares On Wax - Aftermath #2

    31 For Sale from $2.52

    Aftermath (LFO Remix)

  14. Rum & Black - Fuck The Legal Stations / I'm Not In Love

    Fuck The Legal Stations

    All about those dark bassline riffs.

  15. Tom Salta - The New Generation

    8 For Sale from $5.91

    The Lost Boy (Fright Night Mix)

    Real moody, melancholic, neurotic vibes on this electro influenced techno number.

  16. G.T.O.* - Pure

    57 For Sale from $2.20

    Pure (Journey Mix)

    Those chords are completely ominous.