1977 Worthy Releases

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There really aren't that many Heavy Metal releases so far. That will change very, very soon.

  1. Judas Priest - Sin After Sin

    I never thought JP would be able to follow up Sad Wings with anything near as impressive. This album is a powerhouse, no question about it. Heavy as fuck, double bass drumming from the underrated Simon Phillips. Hell, they even make a Joan Baez song "Diamonds And Rust" an instant metal classic. Things are looking up for these British boys.

  2. Scorpions - Taken By Force

    Scorpions are slowly becoming a heavy metal act, finally. Sure, there will be mellower songs like "Born To Touch Your Feelings and "Your Light" present on this disc. "The Sails Of Charon" and "Steamrock Fever" more than make up for that. My only problem with this album is the completely normal cover. What's up with that?

  3. Rush - A Farewell To Kings

    Three top-notch musicians with their creative juices flowing can accomplish a lot. Not as grand as some other releases. Still a stellar album. I could have done without "Closer To The Heart" stuck right in the middle. Prog rock perfection, nonetheless.

  4. Motörhead - Motörhead

    From the ashes of Hawkwind rises the new act Motörhead? What does that even mean? I sure had no idea. Yes, almost half the tracks are covers. Still one of the dirtiest albums ever. Lemmy was the perfect fit as frontman for this troop. Don't forget, that cover with the decked-out warpig sure was impressive, too.

  5. Pink Floyd - Animals

    I must have played side two of this record one hundred times or more. There's really only 3 songs on this album, but that doesn't stop this from being one of their very best releases. It seems Pink Floyd could do no wrong around this time. And hearing "Dogs" on WKRP several years later didn't hurt it's popularity either.

  6. AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

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    Pretty hard not to like an album with songs like "Whole Lotta Rosie," "Problem Child" or the awesome title track. Let There Be Rock was such a popular album, they ended up making a movie of it. Their on-stage presence probably didn't hurt either.

  7. Thor (7) - Keep The Dogs Away

    Jon Mikl Thor was more than a hard rock singer. He was an entertainer, movie star(?), bodybuilder and a charismatic leader of man. There are quite a few excellent songs on this debut album. After making a name for himself with several releases in the '80s (and a stage show like no other), he shut it down around 1986. He's still around today, which must mean somebody likes him still.

  8. Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols

    For a band with only one real musician, this was an impressive debut full-length (their only?). Punk was a brand new entity and the Sex Pistols sure had their work cut out for them. Something tells me that producer Malcolm McLaren might have been more important than the band itself. Is this the most rebellious album ever recorded? At the time, it sure was.

  9. Ramones - Rocket To Russia

    This third album from the Ramones was impressive, to say the least. Tons of classics can be found on this particular release. None over three minutes, either. Oh, and this is the second album for these boys this year!

  10. Styx - The Grand Illusion

    This Chicago-based prog act already had their shit together (this is album #7, after all). With the voices of Young, Shaw and DeYoung featured in some sort of "musical chairs" selection, I had no idea who the better voice was. I think they didn't know either. The stand-outs had to be "Come Sail Away," "Miss America" and the title track. Weird-ass cover included for free.

  11. Kiss - Love Gun

    Yes, this was a time when you could call an album Love Gun, and it was still sort of an in-joke. Don't forget "Christine Sixteen" or "Shock Me" too. They ended up doing four solo albums the following year, then the disco-era Kiss revealed it's ugly face. There will be no more worthy Kiss albums after this one (not their best either). Cool cover, though.