1990-1992: When Belgium went Techno...

By Jarren Jarren
updated 11 months ago

The tracks that helped define the sound of "rave" worldwide. This is Belgian Techno!

  1. T99 - Anasthasia

    89 For Sale from $1.07

    With a spine shivering shock of pure electricity, Anasthasia created one of the defining sounds of hard dance music.

    The "Out Of History" mix was the big one, but the Dub mix is great for DJ use.

  2. Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia

    42 For Sale from $1.18

    The track that started it all. Orchestral stabs put to a heavy metal riff over a 4/4 techno rhythm.

    It's the instrumental with the bleep intro that you need.

  3. Spectrum - Brazil

    18 For Sale from $11.90

    A stab that's been been sampled countless times (see DJ's Unite for example), this was futuristic for 1990 and it still sounds fresh.

    Whistle posse blowin'!

  4. Modular Expansion - Unit 1

    29 For Sale from $3.29

    Cubes is one of the earliest examples (1990) of proper hardcore techno. Frank de Wulf truly had his finger on the pulse with this one.

    It was sampled a year later by Mauro Picotto for his debut track "We Gonna Get".

  5. Pleasure Game - Le Dormeur (The Remixes)

    45 For Sale from $1.31

    The Amnesia mix still sounds fresh today by keeping everything straight and to the point. The perfect bridge between New Beat and Techno.


  6. Dilemma (2) - Erase Your Mind

    50 For Sale from $1.18

    Dark, pounding, relentless. No happy vibes here. Grin & bear it :)

    Impossible to believe this was created in 1990! BRUTAL.

  7. D.J P.C* - Inssomniak

    51 For Sale from $1.19

    With a riff that sounded like being thrown down the stairs headfirst (and a vocal that defied logic), the Bassline Trax mix was huge in raves everywhere.

    Go on, play the vocal part of the track backwards...


  8. Praga Khan Feat. Jade 4 U* - Injected With A Poison (Remixes)

    15 For Sale from $5.36

    The original was good (if a little too slow even for '91). The M.N.O. Power mix (A.K.A. Adam's Power mix) was groundbreaking. 140bpm madness!

    Still a classic to this day.

  9. Outlander - Vamp

    24 For Sale from $5.94

    One of those tracks that's sure to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. It's almost got a Chicago Warehouse vibe, but much more immediate and raw.

    Still a track that gets maximum respect to this day.

  10. Phantasia - Inner Light

    24 For Sale from $25.00

    Jade 4 U takes control of the M.N.O. helm once again for this deep, trancey masterpiece.

  11. Destroyer - Senses

    26 For Sale from $1.31

    Using a more breakbeat infused 4/4 rhythm with futuristic sounding riffs made Senses stand out.

    It's the Hooligan mix that you need here. Proper hands-in-the-air material!

  12. Frank De Wulf - The B-Sides Volume Two

    51 For Sale from $3.57

    Magic Orchestra sits up alongside Cubes as one of Frank de Wulf's seminal moments.

    Not quite as "hardcore" as Cubes, but even more effective thanks to a tasty groove. Irresistible!

  13. Channel X - Rave The Rhythm

    22 For Sale from $4.76

    One of the better known M.N.O. tracks thanks to its inclusion in the nightclub scene from "Basic Instinct".

  14. Angel Ice - Je N'aime Que Toi

    36 For Sale from $1.32

    M.N.O. anthem with Nikkie van Lierop (a.k.a. Jade 4 U) adding a sexy French touch to the harsh sonics.

  15. Pleasure Game - Le Seigneur Des Ténèbres

    56 For Sale from $2.37

    No holds barred techno from the legendary Pleasure Game. The Predator mix is full of invention and pure energy.

  16. M.N.O. - God Of Abraham

    94 For Sale from $1.13

    From the introduction you know you're in trouble. Then it comes, that insane riff! Flawless production.

  17. Cubic 22 - Night In Motion

    68 For Sale from $1.18

    Bridging the gap between UK rave & European techno without compromise.

  18. Lords Of Acid - Take Control

    47 For Sale from $1.32

    Let's Get High is yet another example of the genius of Adams, Khan & van Lierop. Turn On The Sweat Machine!

  19. Digital Orgasm - Running Out Of Time

    86 For Sale from $1.25

    The unforgettable sound of what can only be described as a chainsaw having a panic attack.

  20. Plexus - Auto Shutter

    18 For Sale from $5.95

    Cheeky vocal samples, a squelchy acid bassline and seriously tight percussion. Check those hi-hats!

  21. Set Up System - Fairy Dust

    52 For Sale from $1.19

    Nothing but pure lunatic hardcore, famously featuring that "fingernails down a blackboard" riff...

  22. A Split - Second - Flesh (1991 Remix)

    36 For Sale from $1.43

    The track that defined New Beat in 1986 refreshed by Koen Tillie for the hardcore dancefloors of 1991. This one DOES play at 45. ;)

  23. D.J.P.C.* - Inssomniak (I Come Back)

    46 For Sale from $1.19

    It's 'ad a remix. Psychopathic horror stabs and brain melting Mentasm hoovers on the "Crazy Mix". No, you aren't going to get much sleep...

  24. Plexus - Cactus Rhythm

    44 For Sale from $3.45

    Relentless hooverfest that feels almost proto-gabber...

  25. Apotheosis - O Fortuna

    27 For Sale from $6.00

    While the original mix is just the wrong side of cheese, the Hot Tracks remix hits the spot perfectly.