1992 Breakbeat-Hardcore-Techno

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Not going to see pure chipmunky ragga skittery style Jungle here, perhaps a few might slip in - a bit of Jungle Techno here and there though. Every track or release will include an undercurrent (or overcurrent) of techno! This list is more on the Block Rocking Beat Busting Technological sounding breakbeat hardcore tip.

  1. Neuromancer - Pennywise / The Unforgettable Feeling

    The Unforgettable Feeling

  2. Sound Corp - Security Overload / Regen-Time

    Security Overload
    Regen-Time (Mix 1)

    Two absolute slammers. Big bad landlord stabs and acid breakyness for the A-side and industrial techno tinged tumbling dark rough ferociousness for B1. Banging!

  3. Sound Corp.* - Regentime Part II

    Dark. Twisted. Psychedelic. This track's got it all and then some.

    This record sounded a little out of place when played alongside all those other anthems, but in a good way.

  4. Nebula II - Eye Memory

    Clocked It

    Full release date 1993 but was doing the rounds from late '92. Proper darkside from the ubiquitous year of darkside. But more on the techno tip!

  5. Nebula II - Flatliners

    Loony tunes which I still love!

  6. Nebula II - Peace Maker / X-Plore H-Core

    Badass tunes.

    The original mix of X-Plore H-Core is my favourite track. Blistering!

  7. Techno Bros.* - The Ugly Side Of Pop

    Burst Appendix

    Very Belgian influenced UK hardcore techno annihilator. An early pressing of Burst Appendix was being played from at least the Autumn of 1991.

  8. Psychoacoustic (3) - Wot Are We / I Kommence ...

    I Kommence ...

    Manic stabs, lots of dirty acid, sub bass and banging rough cut beats!

  9. N.R.G. - The Hardcore EP

    The Music Makers

    My favourite track on this EP by far.

  10. Subwoofer Agte - Hymn - Exclusive UK Remixes

    Fan-fffffffing-tastic release.

  11. Intense Feat: DJ Eclipse (4) - Jocks Nightmare

    Jocks Nightmare >> The Jocks should have an apostrophe inbetween the K and the S, Surely? Where's the grammar boys? Not your grandma, grammar for goodness sakes!

    Absolutely classic underground breakbeat techno stuff. Could've done without the scratching 'bad boy' vocal bit though.

  12. Intense - The Drowzee E.P.

    3 favourite tracks here are:

    The Doctor
    The Tournament

    This is the best version of the Doctor. The Remixes lack some elements which turn out quite boring.

    The Tournament and Paradigi are my favourite tracks overall though. Absolutely blistering!

  13. Andy C - Sour Mash E.P.

    Mind Rise
    Outer Limits

  14. Origin Unknown - Eastern Promise EP

    Eastern Promise (Mix 2)

  15. Various - The First Taste EP

    4 For Sale from $77.92

    Top Buzz - World Wide Epidemic

    Much better than Living In Boredom, sorry, Darkness. That track's not even that dark. Anyways, this one is quite ahead of its time.

  16. Megadrive - Takin' Control E.P.

    Demon. F*** me! Love those dark Lardlord stabs. Admittedly, however much I love this sound, the Landlord stabs were overdone back in the day. But they only sounded overdone because they were usually accompanied with pianos or other cheesy elements. Or tuned too happy!

    This one contains minor keys which create a darker more tense sound. Think Rufige Kru's Darkrider for example. My kind of hardcore. Early darkside jungle techno.

    Pure Intention was the one I heard the most back then. Like those minor keys. Early darkside yet again.

  17. Oaysis - Remix

    Incredible Bass

    Quite a minimal track. Early darkside jungle techno once again. Uses the same vocal as Nookie - Sounds Of Music. This came out way earlier. Much less cheese than that one. And slightly disturbing with the bleep/choir synth breakdown.

    Chillin FM / Pulse FM crew before Weekend Rush, Kool FM & Deffection ragga junglified it and everything else they took hold of.

  18. Hedgehog Affair - Rush Till Dawn Presents Hedgehog Affair Pt. 2

    Second Rush
    These Are The Sounds Of House
    We Told You

  19. Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor - The Visit To 14B E.P.

    Dark Matter

    Although T.B.N. ended up being a massive anthem which all the DJs rinsed, I've always preferred the other two tracks.

  20. Smooth But Hazzardous - Violent Headrush EP

    Originally from 1991.

    The remixes from 1993 are also worth seeking out if you like things even more banging.

  21. DJ Mayhem - Damage

    Signal Generator

  22. Basement Phil & The Engineers - We Can Rock It E.P.

    Flying (Tekno Instrumental Mix)