2015 in 25 Records

updated about 1 year ago

5 Honourable Mentions:
DJ Richard, 'Grind'
Jessica Pratt, 'On Your Own Love Again'
Miguel, 'Wildheart'
Viet Cong, 'Viet Cong'
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld, ‘Never Were the Way She Was’

10 Choice Cuts:
DJ Paypal, “Ahhhhhhh”
Burial, “Temple Sleeper”
Kelela, “Rewind”
Blu, “Thriller (Triller)"
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn, “Dubby”
Heems — “Home”
Hudson Mohawke, “Kettles”
Miguel, “Waves”
Fred Thomas, "Cops Don’t Care, Pt. II"
Nils Frahm, “Ode”

  1. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    *"Wesley's Theory"
    *"How Much a Dollar Cost"
    *"You Ain't Gotta Lie"

  2. Levon Vincent - Levon Vincent

    *"Junkies on Hermann Strasse"
    *"Anti-Corporate Music"
    *"Woman is an Angel

  3. Jamie xx - In Colour

    *"I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)"
    *"The Rest is Noise

  4. Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear

    *"Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)"
    *"True Affection"
    *"The Ideal Husband"

  5. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell

    *"Death with Dignity"
    *"Should Have Known Better"
    *"All of Me Wants All of You"

  6. Beach House - Depression Cherry

    *"Beyond Love"

  7. Tame Impala - Currents

    *"The Moment"
    *"The Less I Know the Better"
    *"Past Life

  8. Grimes (4) - Art Angels

    73 For Sale from $15.00

    *"Flesh Without Blood"
    *"Kill V. Maim"

  9. Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden Of Delete

    *"Sticky Drama"
    *"No Good

  10. Dr. Yen Lo - Days With Dr. Yen Lo

    *"Day 0"
    *"Day 811"
    *"Day 777"

  11. Young Thug (2) - Barter 6

    *"With That"
    *"Can't Tell"
    *"Knocked Off"

  12. Neon Indian - VEGA INTL. Night School

    *"The Glitzy Hive"
    *"Techno Clique

  13. Lower Dens - Escape From Evil

    *"Your Heart Still Beating"
    *"Société Anonyme

  14. Joanna Newsom - Divers

    *"A Pin-Light Bent"
    *"Time, As a Symptom

  15. Vince Staples - Summertime '06

    *"Lift Me Up"

  16. Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late

    *"6PM in New York

  17. Archy Marshall - A New Place 2 Drown

    *"Arise Dear Brother"
    *"Eye's Drift"
    *"The Sea Liner Mk I"

  18. FKA Twigs - M3LL155X

    *"Figure 8"
    *"Glass & Patron"

  19. Björk - Vulnicura

    *"Lion Song"
    *"History of Touches"

  20. Jlin - Dark Energy

    *"Black Ballet"
    *"Erotic Heat"
    *"Black Diamond"

  21. Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

    *"Pedestrian at Best"
    *"An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York)"
    *"Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the Party"

  22. Future (4) - DS2

    *"Thought It Was a Drought"
    *"Lil' One"
    *"Stick Talk"

  23. Kamasi Washington - The Epic

    *"Change of the Guard"
    *"Clair de Lune"
    *"The Message"

  24. Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper

    *"Sequential Circuits"
    *"Mr Noah"