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  1. Shoes - Tongue Twister

    25 For Sale from $3.50

    I dunno, nobody is going to mistake The Shoes for avant-garde pioneers, but they have their moments. Songs about girls and the nighttime and all that.

  2. Shoes - Boomerang

    13 For Sale from $6.50

    I really kind of enjoyed spinning Tongue Twister - this one, not so much. It's got in your face 80's production that gets tiring and makes the band sound like they're trying too hard.

  3. The Shamen - Strange Day Dreams

    23 For Sale from $3.98

    I only vaguely knew about this band, but took a chance on a cheap copy. A little dated, I think, but a cursory listen makes me think it was maybe a worthwhile purchase.

  4. The Fixx - Shuttered Room

    17 For Sale from $2.00

    Whatever. Cheap 2nd copy. listed on Discogs.

  5. Traffic - On The Road

    32 For Sale from $12.97

    Original UK double album. The one I have is the one LP U.S. version. It’s got some groove wear, even though it appears excellent.

  6. OPA - Goldenwings

    6 For Sale from $18.00

    It just looked kind of interesting. And it is I guess, but I think it's headed for resale. Kind of Latin jazz fusion stuff that just ain't my bag.

  7. The Clash - Sandinista!

    46 For Sale from $9.99

    Another time I probably would have passed this by, but it's the only Clash album I don't have, and it was pretty reasonably priced. I'll have to give it some spins and see if my belief that it could have made a decent single LP release still holds. But then, I'm not sure when I'll get around to listening to all six sides.

  8. Oil Tasters - Oil Tasters

    9 For Sale from $17.05

    I've wanted for years to pick this up, but whenever I ran across a copy it was expensive or beat to hell or both.
    I got this on Discogs in VG condition at a decent price. "That's When the Brick Comes Through The Window" is the standout track, but the rest is good, smartass art-punk.

  9. Camel - Mirage

    3 For Sale from $11.36

    Beautiful copy. French release Deram / Gema.

  10. Tomita - Firebird

    72 For Sale from $0.99

    .50 cents at library sale. Better than I thought it might be. Some of it is kind of cheesy, but some of it is really striking.

  11. Nazz - Nazz Nazz

    26 For Sale from $9.95

    One that I've wanted off and on for years. I bought the red vinyl version off eBay. The cover is NM and the vinyl just slightly less nice than described. "Forget All About It" and "Under the Ice" are great tunes and there are others that are just about as good.

  12. The Electric Prunes - Release Of An Oath

    11 For Sale from $19.95

    I bought this for 15 cents (6 records for a 1.00) at a thrift store. I have never been an Electric Prunes fan beyond the couple of tracks they're best known for, but I have to say I like this record. Of course, it has nothing in common with those earlier tracks beyond the group name anyway.

  13. The American Dream - The American Dream

    25 For Sale from $3.00

    This has been on my Want List a while, though not particularly high up. I saw a sealed copy on eBay really cheap so I bought it on a whim. There are some good tracks - "Good News" - but there's also some jokey filler like Frankfort El. It's a decent record but it had been resealed. I complained to the seller and got a full refund. Hurrah, a free record.

  14. A. B. Skhy - A. B. Skhy

    28 For Sale from $0.99

    Way too bluesy for this guy. "Love Isn't" is a good track where there's a pop/rock hook and a psych element, but most of it is straight blues or (eek) horn rock. SOLD ON DISCOGS.

  15. Devo - Live

    65 For Sale from $3.41

    A curio of a bygone era and some of the dumbest packaging ever. As you'd expect, the performances don't vary much from the album versions, but the live recording does give them a little different sound. Hmm, how about that crowd noise?

  16. Sex Clark Five - Strum & Drum !

    7 For Sale from $11.36

    I was thinking about these guys about a week ago for some reason and added this to my wantlist, and then saw it in the bins. I like it well enough; it's virtues are pretty obvious: oddball lyrics, a lo-fi acoustic and jangle pop sound that is endearing. I just think that it doesn't really add up to much. It may grow on me.
    It has grown me. It doesn't necessarily hang together as an album but there are plenty of little gems among the songs.

  17. Jimmy Silva - Remnants Of The Empty Set

    6 For Sale from $8.52

    Low-key singer songwriter stuff that's also a prime example of pre "alternative" 1980's "college rock." That's not a bad thing by the way. Not a record likely to blow you away, but pretty solid.

  18. The Ruts - The Crack

    15 For Sale from $13.64

    The Clash is an easy comparison but The Ruts add some speed to the reggae influences and come up with their own streamlined sound. For me, they never quite turn the corner in the songwriting department. Still the energy and attitude make it worthwhile

  19. Iggy Pop - Party

    10 For Sale from $9.08

    An Iggy album that I never connected with back in the day, and I still find it pretty dull. Still, it's Iggy so I bought it.

  20. East Of Eden (2) - Snafu

    6 For Sale from $13.00

    I've been wanting this and scored it for a mere 5.99 on eBay. The vinyl is great and the cover is ok, a VG as it was described. Here's the thing - I opened the package and my eyes instantly began to itch. I looked it over and then set it on the floor at the end of the couch where I was sitting. I kept getting whiffs of a musty odor, and then a sinus headache. It definitely had a real aroma, but the average person would probably have to hold it up to his or her face to really smell it. I'm getting more and more allergic to whatever sort of mold or mildew is on old record covers. 'Tis a bitter pill to swallow.

  21. Nina Hagen Band - Unbehagen

    24 For Sale from $5.99

    The keeper of the following group. In great condition. Dated for sure, but still a pretty entertaining record.

  22. Epitaph (2) - Live

    23 For Sale from $11.25

    I have another of this band's records and it's so-so 70's hard rock. Again though, German press that looks like brand new. We'll see.
    Upon listening, I find that on this later release that they had updated their sound to so-so 80's hard rock.
    Listed on Discogs.

  23. Brand X (3) - Moroccan Roll

    38 For Sale from $2.50

    Phil Collins with hair - and some dignity. I always thought these guys were a little too jazz fusion for me, but it's an ok listen.

  24. Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant

    6 For Sale from $11.28

    I'm not sure about this one. Honestly I'd never really listened to it before picking this up. It's got a more conventional rock sound than later albums. Produced by Tony Visconti.