2017//Nic0t33´s 501 must.

By NiC0t33
updated over 3 years ago

Random use. The best of the list have their own comments.
Thanks to all the musicians that makes this 2017 the best music year of my life.

  1. 7 For Sale from $7.52

    One of the latest eps this year. Good friends of mine making and ambient dubby solid EP. Good protected with a Berlin techno incredible remix. Nice Job.

  2. 4 For Sale from $14.85

    My right eye and his first LP. Many years working on it. Small part of me inside it and a big part of it inside me. OHHHHHHH MANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

  3. 25 For Sale from $15.99

    My most heared LP of the year. Really rich and varied album, trying to hide the club scene.

  4. 13 For Sale from $9.68

    Probably sounds stupid with this list. But Chimicalissimo it´s the best dance song this year

  5. 4 For Sale from $37.53

    90´s are back. But not as classy as Giraffi´s vinyl for sure. 351 Nation it´s a fucking must always.

  6. Incredible ambient and rich album from one of the americans best analogue lover.

  7. 9 For Sale from $32.15

    What can i say about Derek Carr? It´s his year. A decade after Life is giving back the incredible work from this irish producer.

  8. 11 For Sale from $24.69

    Basil is one of the best songs of the year. A-side it´s part from the history of house. Thanks Natal.

  9. Sampha is one of the biggest musician of this era.

  10. 6 For Sale from $41.07

    One of the surprises this year. Probably the most original album of it. Ariwo are a cuban/iranian quartet that brings us a world electronic music rich travel.

  11. 5 For Sale from $8.63

    1 of the best of the year.

  12. 9 For Sale from $8.60

    House still the best genre when i play at clubs. Well, Everybody dance this good reference from Take away. Thanks!

  13. 12 For Sale from $5.38

    Under Armour Suite It´s a banger.

  14. I love this one. We need a vinyl.

  15. 5 For Sale from $47.79

    Revoke brings us one of the best works from the boss of Planet Mu Label. Dated in 1994, Olé it´s part of the electronic history.

  16. 1 For Sale from $43.01

    Bailando it´s another of my dance songs of the 2017.

  17. 15 For Sale from $46.72

    All age IDM. Playing breaks for dancing. Big Stuff here.

  18. 27 For Sale from $22.58

    One of the best this year.

  19. 19 For Sale from $17.10

    The aussies make a rich and varied pre house era EP.

  20. 4 For Sale from $10.74

    Steffi´s new sublabel bring 4 big and varied eps. This was the first and probably the best.

  21. 12 For Sale from $5.87

    Ohhhhh! Love this one. This is samba.

  22. 3 For Sale from $249.99

    One of the most played LPs at my home. New jazz era is coming.

  23. This Cyclist LP is for me his best work. An interesting one.

  24. Lofi´s bubble is here. But this one is a must.