2018 Best Trance - Tech / Psy / Hard

By LucidShores LucidShores
updated 6 months ago

  1. Simon McCann (2) - Pressure

    Scot Project delivers a Remix of epic proportions. Stunning creativity, awesome amounts of bass. Feels like a real journey into hard trance through the years in one track. Unmissable.

  2. Scot Project* - D (Don't Go)

    Another brilliant tune from Scot Project, spot on classic german hard trance stylings and creativity with a great use of a sample from Yazoo.

  3. Kriess Guyte - Two Sides EP

    Rav3R is top draw tech trance, plenty of classic samples and effects. Transcendental on the other hand is pure class. Has one hell of a funky bassline. Psy influenced tech trance banger with plenty of FX too. Brilliant EP.

  4. Renegade System - Lift

    This is absolutely BANGING. Ridculous bass and a luscious floating break. Hard hitting genius.

  5. Marcelo Fratini - T.O.T / Stay Control

    This little double A sider his HARD. Epic tech trance with classic italian techno / hard trance elements. Slamming!

  6. Yahel - Hallucinate (Hi Profile Remix)

    Brilliant tune. Awesome vocals chopping in and out. Lovely bouncy bassline. Top draw remix and a superb example of Psy.

  7. Gentech (3) - Feel My Love

    Superb collab between Mark Sherry & Scot Project, ticks all the boxes. An absolute must for hard / tech fans.

  8. Laura May - Start Your Engines

    Excellent Tech / Psy hybrid, the drop is crazy, with earth shattering bass and creativity.

  9. Indecent Noise - Kamehameha

    Dark, creepy and banging. Like a classic hardstyle tune fused with modern tech trance.

  10. Laura May - The Wrong Week

    What a banging tech trancer. Thumping from start to finish.

  11. Alex Di Stefano - Now Get On Up

    This guy really knows how to make a thumper. Crunching drive to it. Hard not to recommend to any trance fan.

  12. Costa Pantazis - Stratosphere

    Proper belter, i expect nothing less from Costa to be fair.

  13. ConnecteD (6) - Diamond Rain

    Super powerful yet delicate and spooky. Atmospherics is the order of the day here.