222 Top Favorite Rock/Pop/Jazz Releases.

By andOAR andOAR
updated 14 days ago

Arranged in CHRONOLOGICAL order, and then in descending order starting with my most favorite release for each year (unless it's a multi-year release, in which case it might get placed at the end of each year section).

Some of these releases wouldn't necessarily be categorized as "Rock/Pop/Jazz", but in most cases the artists are associated with rock, pop, or derivative.

This list is subject to revisions.


My list of "444 Top Favorite Releases From Genres Other Than Rock, Pop Or Jazz" can be found here:

  1. Pink Floyd - Relics - A Bizarre Collection Of Antiques & Curios

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    (Harvest, 1971) 1967-1968.

    Some overlaps with other PF albums on this list, but mostly not.

  2. Various - A Teenage Opera

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  3. Bridget St. John - Ask Me No Questions

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    (Cherry Red / Dandelion, 2005 version) 1969.

    The Cherry Red CD version with extra tracks is the best in my opinion.