45 Revolutions

By r_diaz
updated 29 days ago

All the 45s that are listed in the book 45 revolutions

**Missing from discogs database
Angel - Already Gone/ I saw her standing there
Badge - Drift Away
Beaver - Break down and cry - Rockburgh records
Big Wal and the Wyetainers - DRG Boogie - DRG Records
Black Satin - Ep - Wudwink Records
Blush - Fantasia/ ? -- Private press
Caliph Time & the spoons - Berlin Boys/Loveaway - Cert. Records
Ron Ellis - Here comes summer/Hot California Night - Rox Records
Farrago - I wouldn't wanna be like you / If I Can't have you -- Ellie jay rec.
Ford Workers on Strike - EP - F(UK) WG Recirds
The Four Stars - Land of the broken hearted/Tell me why -- Jay-Lee Rec.
Elaine Freeme - Mister Its your lucky day/the interview -- Terrific Rec.
Paul Jenson - Late night train to babylon/I'll be alright -- Abbey Road Rec.
Lee Kenway and The Kenways - Ep - J.J.R Rec.
Silas Marner - Deep Inside/Summertime - Wudwink Rec.
Middle Distance - EP - SRT Records
Mundanes - Grouch Party - Groucho Records
The Orphans - Something's Wrong / Front Page News - Private Press
Peter, Pat and Jenny - Caty Ann / Washing Line of Love - Look records
P.T. and the Plimsolls - Package Holiday Lover / I'm falling for you much too fast - terrific recs.
The S.D.D. band - So you want to be a rock and roll star / Memories - Arny's Shack Rec.
John Senior - You've got a way with you / Annalaise - Ultimate Recs.
silvertown - Sunday Driver Ep - Wessex Records
Street Spirits - EP - Storm Records
The Walkers - Notes for the hopelessly bored EP - Walker Recs.
Carl Wynn - EP - Rox Records (Yes.....ROX records)
Bryn Abottle / Captain Comedown - Catatonic Prods. SPLIT EP