5 Star Hardcore

By Goose_Downes Goose_Downes
updated over 4 years ago

A list of 100 - 5 star releases and pieces from the Old Skool UK Rave scene.

While not comprehensive by any means, it is a good starting point to the best style of music this world has seen...

  1. Magnox - Ragamanic

    Mysteria is the ish! A balls to the wall banger... This release as a whole is amazing, but Mysteria blew my socks off!!!

  2. Rhythm Junior - The Overdrive EP

    Amazing toons, but the one to blast is "Overdrive". A ridiculous work-out for even the most conservative of dancers... If you hear this toon and don't go mental there is something missing in your life...

  3. Top Buzz - Fantazia Takes You Into Summertime

    Oi!!! Dickhead... Get off da fuckin' speaka!!!!

  4. Unknown Artist - Untitled

    "Dark Energy" at its finest.