50 Great Chicago Acid Trax!

By funk_wid_it funk_wid_it
updated over 2 years ago

50 great Chicago Acid trax that blew my mind!

List in no order.

Peace and respect to all Roland TB 303 lovers.

Leon(aka justice808, funk_wid_it, RealFreshBlog)

:) = ) = ) :)

  1. 'Jackmaster' Curt* - Real Fresh House

    This dope and minimal Chicago Acid track is sooooooooooo damn fresh!! Always was. Always will be. It's certainly one of my all-time fave Chicago Acid tracks.

  2. Jack Rabbit* - Only Wanted To Be

    B1.Only Wanted To Be(Acid Mix)

    One of the best Acid tracks ever made!

    Massive respect to James " Jack Rabbit" Martin(R.I.P.)

    For those that didn't already know, James sadly died of an astma attack in early 1990 :(

  3. Jaquarius - Love Is Happiness

    B1.Love Is Happiness(Acid Rain)

    Acid at its most experimental!!

  4. Acid Fingers / Robot DJs - Untitled

    B1.Robot DJs - Remote Control

    Fantastic slow builder!!

  5. Phuture - Acid Tracks

    The very first Acid track I hear you say? Hmmm...that is certainly debateable...but it's certainly one of the best.

  6. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk - No Vocals Necessary

    A1.I Need A Friend
    A2.The Acid Life
    A3.Acid Trip
    A4.All Acid Out

  7. Laurent X - Machines

    A1.Machines(Apocalypse Mix)

    One of my favourites!

  8. Black Traxx - Black Traxx


    Fantastic Chicago Acid "secret weapon " :)

  9. James "Jack Rabbit" Martin - There Are Dreams And There Is Escape

    A1.Rabbit Trax I(The Next Generation)
    B1.Rabbit Trax II(The Next Generation After)

    Two more genius Acid tracks from one of the masters of the genre James Martin(R.I.P.)

  10. Smokin' Gang - EP

    A2.Move Your Big Booty(Acid)

  11. Liddell Townsell* - Jack The House

    A1.Jack The House
    A2.As Acid Turns
    A3.The Groove

  12. Various - Rockin' House Tracks

    B1.Terrance Woodard–Jack The Box(Part Two)

  13. DA Rebels - D.I.U. (Deep In Underground)

    B1.It's Time To Jack The House

    Da Rebels = Hula & K. Fingers.

  14. Bam Bam - Spend The Night!

    B1.Where's Your Child

  15. Fast Eddie* / Slick Master Rick - My Melody / Halloween House

    B1.Slick Master Rick – Halloween House On 13th St.

  16. Various - Aciiid Bang!

    A1.Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks - Acid Man
    B1.Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks - Acid Route
    B4.The Love Story - Ecstacy

  17. Joe R. Lewis* - Lost In Tracks

    A1.Acid Falls
    A3.One On One