90s Chicago Mixtapes Part 1 - House (89-92)

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Yet another massive retrospective: These lists showcase the “post-WBMX era” dance music that was popular in the Chicago clubs and on the radio (B96, WGCI, etc) between 1989 and 1998. In other words, the 1990s, though I squeezed it up to include 1999 to roughly 2003. I was a big fan of the house mixtapes and CDs that came out during this period. I deleted earlier lists which divided the songs by year (89, 90, 91, etc) because they were too disorganized.

On October 1988, Chicago's legendary 102.7 WBMX was no more as it changed to Urban AC V103, leaving rival (and now sister station) 107.5 WGCI as the only station on a major frequency to provide weekend dance mix shows in the Chicagoland area. The following year, struggling top 40 station 96.3 WBBM-FM "B96", which was slowly transforming from a standard Top 40 pop station to a very dance-leaning Rhythmic Top 40 station during this time, picked up where WBMX left off and hired some of the station's former mixers, such as Bad Boy Bill & Julian "Jumpin' Perez.

Presented in this list are many of the house, acid house, freestyle, hip house, techno, breakbeat, euro-dance, hard house, ghetto/juke, and other dance tracks that were featured in Chicago radio mixshows whether it was B96 (Bad Boy Bill, Julian Jumpin' Perez, Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez, Mike Hitman Wilson, Brian Middleton, Tim "Spinnin' Schommer", Bobby D, Too Kool Chris, DJ Marski, etc.), WGCI (Mickey Mixin Oliver, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Scott Smokin Silz, Kenny Jammin' Jason, Mario Smokin' Diaz, Martin Boogieman Luna, Edward Get Down Crosby, Steve Miggedy Meastro, Pharris Thomas, etc.) or any of the other smaller radio stations in the Chicagoland area that featured mixshows: WHPK, WNUR, WKKC, WCRX, now-defunct WCYC and now-defunct WCBR (Cyber Radio 92.7) are also included.

The 1st list consists of random house tracks between 1989 and 1992 (plus some late 1988 holdovers), a period where the hip house style was dominant before being replaced by techno and rave music in 1992, The tracks range from pop house (Ce Ce Peniston, Crystal Waters, etc), deep house/garage and Detroit-style techno, from this period. Euro-Techno/Rave & Hip House tracks have their own respective lists from this period.


  1. Inner City - Good Life

    Good Life (Magic Juan's Mix)
    Good Life (Steve Silk Hurley remix)

  2. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

    unreleased house mix by Mike Hitman Wilson

  3. Casanovas Revenge* - Let's Work

    121 For Sale from $1.00

    let's work
    B side - I Can't Take It
    Chep's Beat Junky Edits

  4. 2 In A Room - The Album Vol. 1

    track 3 - House Junkie
    track 4 - Turn Me On
    track 5 - Music's Hypnotizer
    As it Grooves

  5. Thompson & Lenoir - Can't Stop The House

    47 For Sale from $5.92

    1989 House of Trix remix

  6. Inner City - Do You Love What You Feel

    Wilson's Hit House Mix
    Duane Bradley's Album Mix

  7. Reese - Rock To The Beat

    Hitman Mix
    Mayday mix

  8. Lil Louis* - French Kiss

    87 For Sale from $5.19

    the original underground mix
    - the vocal mix w/Shawn Christopher

  9. The Cover Girls - My Heart Skips A Beat

    (Paradise Garage Vocal Club)