90s Proto Goa Trance

By Fiasko1 Fiasko1
updated over 8 years ago

A list of early goa trance, stuff that was played at Goa parties or influenced the sound of what became known as "Goa trance". I'll do a separate list for 80s influence stuff, such as new beat & Italo disco.

  1. Abfahrt - Alone (It's Me)

    Alley cat mix - an 89 track fom Torsten Fenslau. very influential

  2. Time Modem - Mantel Der Nacht

    Der Mantel Der Nacht (Alien Elements)

  3. Trilithon - Trance Dance 128

    Maybe the first "Goa trance" album. Synrise, Prayer, Choice & Children Of the Futureare all great

  4. Hypnopedia - Horror / Hypnopedia 666

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    Hypnopedia - Horror. Loads of great stuff on BOY records.

  5. Atahualpa - Ultimo Imperio

    Atahualpa - Ultimo Imperio (Tendenthia Mix)

  6. Syntech - By Trial And Error

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