A Stairway to Hip Hop Heaven (my personal selections 1979-2018)

By IUsedToLoveH.E.R. IUsedToLoveH.E.R.
updated 4 days ago

Yo cratediggers out there!

Here I'll take you on a journey through the very finest moments of rap music.

A few things about me and this list:

I've been a huge fan of Hip Hop since about - 96', although I've heard almost everything dropped since 79' and forward.

I don't agree with people saying Hip Hop died in the 90's.

Cratedigging is a a great passion for me and I try to keep up with all new releases.

My heart I must admit lies in the conscious and experimental/abstract areas of Hip Hop although I enjoy most subgenres.

You won't find a lot of gangsta rap here though so if you're searching for tips in that department you'll probably hate this list.

This is kind of a "moving list" as you'll probably understand it's impossible making a list like this 100% "correct". The list is based purely on my personal taste and nothing else. No concideration was taken to the album's status or influence or anything like that. This list reflects what I think of these albums today when you're reading this. I update it pretty often and the placements in the lists are based on a point system I created to have some kind of help in deciding places among so many albums I love.

Initially I made this list for myself to kind of know which albums I wanted to make my vinyl collection but then decided to share it with the world to help you find records you've missed out on or maybe just forgot about.

One thing is certain, I've done tons of cratedigging so I think this list can help just about anyone, newbies and more experienced cats.

All albums here are almost entirely from the american scene with a few exceptions, as the UK scene grows bigger and bigger a whole lot more albums from that scene surely will find it's way here too.

Some "classic" albums are missing from this list and that's simply because I don't love them as others do.

Now just enjoy these albums, please have an open mind, and be patient when listening to albums.
I've found that the best ones tend to grow on you with time while instant enjoyable albums often fade a whole lot faster (at least that's my experience)

Remember that I love all albums on this list so much that I intend to spend big money on them so don't shit on me for having your favourite album on nr 200.

As my digging never stops - keep an eye out for new entries.

I couldn't find these releases here on Discogs but they should be on this list:

x Cashus King - Lost In The Wilderness (2018)
x Codenine x Mr Rose - 9 Roses (2018)
x Cavalier - Private Stock (2018)

Albums from 2019 will be updated by the end of the year.


  1. El-P - Fantastic Damage

    Released: 2002 (Collection)

  2. CunninLynguists - A Piece Of Strange

    Released: 2006 (Collection)

  3. Mike Ladd - Welcome To The Afterfuture

    Released: 1999 (Collection)

  4. Common Sense* - Resurrection

    Released: 1994 (Collection)

  5. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein

    Released: 2001 (Collection)

  6. MF Doom - Operation: Doomsday

    Released: 1999 (Collection)

  7. Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030

    Released: 2000 (Collection)

  8. Edward Scissortongue* - Better.Luck.Next.Life

    Released: 2012 (Collection)

  9. The Skull Eclipses - The Skull Eclipses

    Released: 2018 (Collection)

  10. Mr. Lif - I Phantom

    Released: 2002

  11. Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagon

    Released: 1996 (Collection)