AC/DC my top 10 albums

By xanadu77 xanadu77
updated over 5 years ago

  1. AC/DC - Powerage

    My favourite. Starts rocking with Rock n Roll Damnation and ends rocking even harder with Kicked in the Teeth. Some really underrated tunes; Up To My Neck, Riff Raff and Down Payment Blues being three. Guitar and drum sound to die for. As with LTBR shame about the remaster dropping of Cold Hearted Man although Damnation is a great replacement. 10

  2. AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

    Some of their most famous tunes - Let There Be Rock, Bad Boy Boogie and Rosie - as well as two beauties in Go Down and Overdose. Set out to make a guitar heavy album - success! Shame about the remaster dropping Crabsody in Blue. 10

  3. AC/DC - Highway To Hell

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    The bands breakthrough album. Saw them twice on this tour and they were amazing. Highlights for me being the title track, Beating Around the Bush and If You Want Blood. Some would argue Get It Hot and Girls Got Rhythm are filler but this along with the others in my top 4 are 10/10 for me. 10

  4. AC/DC - If You Want Blood You've Got It

    This could have been No:1 on my list but kept it studio as much as possible. Recorded in my home town this absolutely rips. Its intensity is incredible. There is no Live from Paris on Discogs - that would have been here too. 10

  5. AC/DC - Back In Black

    We all know the stories about this album. 45 million people can't be wrong. 9

  6. AC/DC - High Voltage

    The first AC/DC album I bought in 1978. Loved the attitude on this as well as the great lyrics by Bon on songs like Live Wire and It's a Long Way to the Top. 9

  7. AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    Not as good as High Voltage but the title track and Ride On (a truly great song of life in a band) being the standouts. 8

  8. AC/DC - Black Ice

    Their latest release and way better (as a whole album) than anything since FTATR and FOTS. It has a great groove and its worth it to hear Angus play slide on Stormy May Day alone. 8

  9. AC/DC - Flick Of The Switch

    Maybe a surprise to some but I love this album, its so raw and heavy - Badlands being my favourite. 7

  10. AC/DC - Iron Man 2

    As a place to start this is a good compilation. Includes not so well known tracks such as Cold Hearted Man (from the original LP of Powerage) and The Razors Edge (a track very un-AC/DC like). Some great clips on the dvd too. 7