Acid+Breakbeats/Electro+Acid 1987-1994

By 8892sales
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Acid type tracks, not necessarily made with a 303 but sound like acid, combined with non 'four to the floor'. Either sampled breaks/breakbeats or programmed drum machine type rhythms such as electro or freestyle beats which are not straight house beats. Or a mixture of both straight house, syncopated and broken rhythms.

I've always enjoyed this combination, unfortunately it wasn't a very common or popular phenomenon during the early underground electronic, house, acid house, hardcore scene. We had to mainly rely on DJs or ourselves mashing up and remixing these two types of sounds live and on the fly instead.

  1. Really Livin

    Not sure if the acid was programmed or sampled. At close inspection it sounds like it's triggering and re-triggering the acid found on Phuture - Slam but I'm probably very mistaken.

  2. Vinyl Count Down - Erasure

    Galloping ΤR-909 freestyle electro rhythm here. Hardly any 4 to the floor (it's not breakbeat though!). Basically a remix of Mike Ink - Paroles.

  3. 6 For Sale from $16.29

    Flipping amazing stuff.

  4. 12 For Sale from $20.00

    Dirty dirty, full bodied multi-dimensional acid squelch and electro style beats.

  5. Dirty dirty, full bodied multi-dimensional acid squelch and electro style beats.

  6. 18 For Sale from $12.66

    B1) Can You Feel The Beat

  7. 49 For Sale from $3.80

    B2) Armageddon (We H-8 Garage Mix)

    Samples Acid noise from Armando - World Unknown

  8. 24 For Sale from $2.72

    AA2) Paranoia (Acid Ravers' Mix)

    Samples the Acid noise from Model 500 - Interference

  9. 102 For Sale from $0.62

    B4) D.S. Building Contractors - Depth Charge

  10. Both contain acid type sounds. Exorcist and Homicidal are the tracks which are fundamentally built on acid though (although not a TB-303). Exorcist is an absolute slammer. Homicide was never as good although typically and predictably more popular with the cheese-core massive. And to be fair the cheese-core massive were always pretty massive in the UK !

  11. That's How I'm Living (Instrumental)

  12. 43 For Sale from $5.70

    A1) And The Break Goes Acid (The Break Boys / U.K. Acid Remix)
    A2) At My House (The Apachies / N.Y. Acid Dust Mix)
    A3) Funky Acid Makossa (The Apachies / Acid Beats)

  13. B) House Of Madness